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    Yokoyama Chisa CDs (solo)

    Chisa has released the following solo CDs.

    1993.01.217tsu no Koi no Monogatari (APCA-77)Song
    1994.05.25Ren'ai no Sainou (PICA-1035)Song
    1994.09.21Chisa Yokoyama Mini Best (MECH-18001)Song
    1995.08.23A-B-Chisa (PICA-1073)Song
    1996.09.04ef (FHCF-2306)Song
    1997.02.26Chisa and The Heaven & Earth Band Live In L.A. (PICA-1129)Song
    1997.05.28Magical Fantasy World (PICA-1140)Song
    2000.03.24Yokoyama Chisa Best Selection (PICA-1207)Song
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