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The Fusion Products books are collections of doujinshi. The Moon Fight! series are parodies and normal stories, while the Luntic Party series are ecchi (adult) stories.

Lunatic Party

  • ISBN4-89393-129-6 (950 yen)
  • front cover has Mako (in green swimsuit) and Usagi (head only).

Lunatic Party 2

  • ISBN4-89393-132-6 (950 yen)
  • front cover has Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars.

Lunatic Party 3

  • ISBN4-89393-136-9 (950 yen)
  • front cover has Ami and Mako, lying on a bed.

Lunatic Party 4

  • ISBN4-89383-142-3 (950 yen)
  • front cover has Rei (side view, from shoulders up) holding Sailor Venus in her hand.

Lunatic Party 5

  • ISBN4-89393-149-0 (950 yen)
  • front cover has Usagi and Chibi Usa.

Lunatic Party 6

  • ISBN4-89393-155-5 (950 yen)
  • front cover has Sailor Uranus (full body) and Michiru (face and breasts).

Lunatic Party 7

  • ISBN4-89393-161-X (950 yen)
  • front cover has Makoto and Minako, both in white nightgowns with the moon as a background.

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