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  • Vaio Type Z (PCG-611CN) VGN-Z92JS

    I bought my new Sony Vaio Type Z in August 2009.

    VGN-Z92JS (PCG-611CN)
    Core2 Duo P8800 (2.66 GHz)
    13.1" (1600x900) NVIDIA GeForce 9300M GS
    6GB memory (2GB + 4GB)
    128GB SSD (64GB x2)
    DVD drive
    SN: 1301363

    I wanted a Windows 7 Vaio, but I couldn't wait another 2 or 3 months. They also had large discounts on CPU upgrades and SSDs, so it made my decision to buy easier.

    I bought the Windows Vista Home Premium version, and upgraded to Windows 7 on October 23, 2009.

    To make this machine usable, I installed the following software.

    • firefox 3.5
    • thunderbird
    • avast
    • itunes
    • safari
    • teraterm 4.63
    • vim 7.2
    • flashplayer
    • irfanview
    • open office 3.1
    • vmplayer
    • winscp 4.2.3
    Most of the time, I run a Fedora 13 VM machine, and use that. The performance is good enough for normal work.

    Even though I hate itunes, I need it for my iPhones. I switched my itunes machine from my Let's Note to this Vaio. The following is how I switched from one itunes machine to this one.

    • [old PC] create backup DVD of itunes
    • [new PC] restore backup
    • [new PC] connect iPhone
    • [new PC] re-check sync boxes (ringtones, music, video, applications)
    • [new PC] resync iPhone (will delete and recopy everything)

    [HD's Vaio computers]
    [HD's computers]
    [HD's network]

    > [computers top]
    >> pooky
    >> odie
    >> noopy
    >> nyo
    >> coyote
    >> taz
    >> [Vaio]
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