Kira Kira Melody Gakuen radio - 2000.05.13

Event Kira Kira Melody Gakuen radio
Location Piaza Matsudo
Date 2000.05.13
Time 12:00 - 16:30
Cost free
Guests Kira Melo students
  • Report version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 2000.06.01

The Kira Kira Melody Gakuen radio broadcast for May 2000 were held on 5/13 and 5/21. The first class students went on 5/13, and the second class students went on 5/21. All the groups had short (25 minute) shows.

The schedule for 5/13 was as follows.

12:00 Matsudo de Dokkaan (Sara, Kanako, Natsumi)
12:30 Love Love Aishitoru (Mayo, Emiko, Yukie)
13:00 Last Note (Tomoe, Noriko, Shizuko)
13:30 Heart Chu de Iide chu ka? (Mieko, Sayaka, Jun)
14:00 break
14:30 ? (Maiko, Fuuko, Mami)
15:00 ? (Masumi, Yukie, Kanako)
15:30 Butterfly Beauty Boys (Ikue, Miri, Yoko)
16:00 Puri Puri Purin (Nobuko, Sora, Mae)

Some of the hilights..

Matsudo de Dokkaan

Sawai Natsumi came in place of Matsumoto Chiyomi.

They talked about some of the recent events. During the April live, Sara played the keyboards with the live band. Sara said that she has been learning piano for over ten years. At the Digi Chara Festival stage, Natsumi was the emcee. They said that they went to eat at a restaurant after the event, in a group of about twenty girls. It wasn't easy finding a place.

Natsumi said that she used to worry about the last train for her to get home. But she discovered that she can walk home from a major station, so she doesn't worry about staying out late any more. (Natsumi has to walk a couple hours, but she said she didn't feel tired.)

Natsumi said her Docomo phone broke, so she got a new J-phone cell phone.
[I saw her reading the manual on the train that day. (^_^; - H.Doi]

At the end of the broadcast, Sara played her cell phone melody, which was the Kira Kira Melody Gakuen Theme Song.

Love Love Aishitoru

For her "my boom" corner, Emiko brought her collection of Final Fantasy bottle caps. (A little while ago, they gave away bottle caps with little figures of Final Fantasy characters on them when you buy a 500 ml bottle of coke.) Emiko said that she bought a lot, and got a lot of doubles. She still needs some more for a complete set.

Mayo brought a tape of a short radio drama that Mieko, Tomoe, and Mayo recorded in Mayo's room.

Last Note

This grouping leads to a very funny radio show. Tomoe hates frilly, cute dresses. She hates to wear skirts herself. Noriko and Shizuko love frilly, lacey, cute clothes. Noriko even brought some sun umbrellas. (Noriko said that some of the Kira Melo girls teased her about using sun umbrellas before.)

Noriko explained the meaning of the title Last Note. She said that the three stages of perfume are top note, middle note, and last note. The perfume starts smelling the same, but as time goes on, the perfume mixes with the body chemistry of the girl and gives off a unique fragrance for each girl.

A lot of the time was spent talking about frilly clothes, and trying to get Tomoe to wear some..

Heart Chu de iide chu ka?

Masumi, Yukie, Kanako

This isn't the regular group, but Katou Madoka and Shindou Yoko couldn't come, so Masumi would have been by herself. They all brought some food that they bought at a convenience store, that they thought looked or sounded disgusting. They tried to eat some of it, and commented on the (awful) taste..

Puri Puri Purin

Nobuko said that she rode the train over the Golden Week which had the station names displayed on the LED screen. When she looked up at it she saw "アフリカ" (Africa). She couldn't believe there was a station with that name.. But it was actually "アカサカ" (Akasaka).

Since Sora's birthday was in April, and they didn't have a radio broadcast in April, Nobuko and Mae had a surprise birthday cake for Sora. Both Nobuko and Mae cooked the cake themselves. Nobuko's looked.. very scary. (^_^;;) It was like a dorayaki, but the inside was green. She read out the ingredients: hotcake mix, eggs, milk, whipped cream, sugar, bananas, kinako, soy sauce flavored sesame seeds, tea leaves, and wasabi flavored sora beans. Nobuko said she even tried it herself, just the hotcake part, and it was very good. When asked why she didn't try the inside, Nobuko said that it was scary..

Then Mae and Sora took a bite of the cake.. They said it tasted like a salad instead of a cake. (^_^; Then they told Nobuko to eat the inside.. Nobuko said that it was good, and Mae commented that Nobuko must have a taste handicap.

Mae's cake looked like a "real" cake. (^_^) She had put cream, marble chocolate, and strawberries on top of a sliced donut. She said that she was planning to make the donut herself, but she overslept so she went out to buy the donut. But as Mae was taking the cake out of the box that she brought it in, she dropped it on the table. But everyone ate Mae's cake, and said it was good.

Sora said that she will make something for the other girls on their birthdays too, but she said her cooking might be more scary than Nobuko's..

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