KONOHANA countdown event, stage 4/21 13:30

Some of the talk from the KONOHANA: True Report Countdown event, 13:30 - 14:30 seiyuu stage on Saturday April 21.

Masumi said that she always wanted to do a megane character, so she was happy. But this megane character was different from what she had imagined.

Sara said that her character has low tension, so it was just like her.

Nobuko said her character doesn't show emotion so it was easy to do. But there was a part where she had to go, "uuu.." and that was hard. She had to do it many times.

Mieko said it was her first after recording for a game, so she was very nervous. But Sara cheered her up, so it was ok. (Sara said that she didn't remember..)

Masumi said that the characters are very cute.

Mae said that the game is very scary.

Sara said that since the game talks, people who can't read kanji well can still play the game. (Sara was looking at Mieko when she said this..)

There was a question, what kind of high school student were you?

Masumi said she never missed school, never tardy, and never left early.

Sayaka said she studied hard first year, but the second year she got into Hagen Daz ice cream, and the third year she went shopping a lot.

Sara said that there were lots of brand new, never used text books in her school locker. (^_^;

Mieko said she was a care free high school student in the country side.

Mae said she slept during class, but was active after school.

Nobuko ate a lot of snacks. She liked potato chips, "consomme" flavor.

There was a question, which character is your favorite character?

Masumi the teacher
Sayaka Masumi's character
Sara her own character
Mieko her own character
Mae Miako
Nobuko Sara's character, because she looks cute

There was a question, what club were you in during high school?

Masumi announce club
Sayaka volleyball, because she wanted to grow taller
Sara going home club (i.e. none)
in the final year, she joined the swim team, but she didn't even go once
Mieko (first year) broadcast club, (second year) brass band, (third year) home economics
Mae koto music club, art club, track team (captain)
Nobuko jigsaw puzzle club

At the end, everyone gave a message and talked about their future work.

Masumi said that she is in two anime this spring, Dangaio (Hitomi) and Gakuen Senki Muryou (Harumi).

Mae will be in Jikuu Keisatsu Wecker volume 3, and Shin Omizu no Hanamichi (a TV drama).

Sara will be in a CS TV show starting in July (with Mieko).

Nobuko doesn't have any plans now. But she wants to release lots of CDs as a seiyuu and singer.

Sayaka will do the role of Kaguya Hime in a play 5/18 to 5/20.

Mieko will be in Jikuu Keisatsu Wecker volume 2. There will be a Wecker event on 6/3, and she will have her band debut on 5/10 at Take Off 7.

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