KONOHANA countdown event, stage 4/21 15:30

Some of the talk from the KONOHANA: True Report Countdown event, 15:30 - 16:30 seiyuu stage on Saturday April 21.

Sara said it was getting cold. The previous day it was hot, so she thought they should wear a polo shirt for this event.

Nobuko said, "chicken skin ga stand up site simaimasuga, minasan genki ippai ganbarimashou!" (^_^;

Mieko said that they all wore short sleeves because they thought it would be warm. But everyone in the crowd was wearing warm clothes..

There were questions about school. What kind of uniform did you wear in high school? What subject were you good at?

Masumi said her school uniform was a blazer like a bank worker. She said her best subject was classic literature, and she was bad at math and physics.

Mae said she wore sailor fuku in junior high and high school. There were six colors for the scarf: first year junior high was red, second year junior high was dark red, third year junior high was yellow, first year high school was navy blue, second year high school was black, and third year high school was silver mouse. She said her favorite subject was bible study, as she went to a protestant high school. She said she even ate a locust (from Israel).
(Then Sayaka said that she also went to a protestant high school.)

Sara said her school uniform was a blazer, but she usually just wore the vest and shirt. But she also had a sailor fuku on her own, because she liked to wear sailor fuku when she went out to play. Sara said that she's not as dumb as she looks. She just doesn't study.

Nobuko said she wore a navy blue blazer with a 6 pleat skirt and white blouse. Her best subject was Japanese, and she was good at reading kanji. But she wasn't that good at writing kanji.

Sayaka said her uniform was a dark navy uniform that looked like stewardess. Her best subject was English.

Mieko said her uniform was a navy blazer with pleated skirt. When she chose the high school, she chose one with a blazer uniform, because her junior high was a sailor fuku. But now she regrets it, and wishes that she wore a sailor fuku in high school too.

Then the girls commented on the game.

Mae said there are many endings depending on what you choose (multi-ending).

Nobuko said that the picture (graphics) is clean, compared to the famicom games that she used to play.

Mieko didn't used to play games much, but because of this, she might become a gamer.

There was a question, what was a difficult part in your role?

Masumi said her character doesn't express her feelings, but she still have to make sure that people understand her.

Mae said her character gets angry, and had to speak clearly while shouting angrily.

Sara said her character was a quiet girl, but she still had to express her feelings.

Nobuko said she had to repeat the "uu.." line many times. They told her that it sounded like she was giving birth.

Sayaka said when she made a mistake, she kept making mistakes in the same part over and over.

Mieko said she only had short lines.

At the end, everyone gave a message and talked about their future work.

Masumi is in the TV anime Dangaio and Muryou, where she does two totally different roles.

Mae will be in the DVD Jikuu Keisatsu Wecker 3, and she is in the TV drama "Shin Omizu no Hanamichi".

Sara will be in a new TV show (broadcast on CS) from July to September.

Nobuko said that she will study to be a singer and seiyuu.

Sayaka will be in a play "Onigokko", where she will play the role of Kaguya-hime. She will also appear at the Katou Natsuki fan club event on 4/29.

Mieko will be in the DVD Jikuu Keisatsu Wecker 2.

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