KONOHANA countdown event, stage 4/22 16:30

Some of the talk from the KONOHANA: True Report Countdown event, 16:30 - 17:30 seiyuu stage on Sunday April 22.

Sara said that Nobuko stayed over at her house last night, and they watched the KONOHANA opening movie that was on the Success home page.

Nobuko said, "kyou ha attakai node, chicken skin ga stand up sinakute yokatta ne."
[this is funny to those who came to the previous day's event .]

Sayaka said that when she was little she wanted to name her child Futaba. (Sayaka's character name is Futaba.)

There was a question about the skirts that the girls wore for the event.

Masumi said she doesn't have many skirts, so she just brought what she had. Usually she wears jeans.

Sara said she chose pastel color skirts yesterday. Today, Sara and Nobuko wore matching skirts (same pattern, but different colors). They were all Sara's skirts.

Nobuko said she likes clothes with frills.

Sayaka said she chose a skirt that was like a student's skirt. But she changed her hair style for every stage.

Then the producer of KONOHANA Mr. Kawamura came and talked for a little bit. He hopes that there will be a second and third series for KONOHANA.

There were many presents given away since it was the last stage. In addition to the normal game stage, there were several janken rounds with everyone in the crowd. Everyone played against the girls.

[I won a signed Konohana T-shirt (signed by Kawasumi Ayako). Of course I only do choki, but I won against Sayaka, Mieko, and Masumi.]

At the end, everyone gave a message and talked about their future work.

Masumi is in two anime this spring, Dangaio and Gakuen Senki Muryou. She has information in her own home page.

Mae is a regular in the TV show Shin Omizu no Hanamichi. She is also in the Jikuu Keisatsu Wecker DVD.

Sara thought that she needed a PS2 to play KONOHANA.. but one can play with a normal PS1. Her new TV show (with Mieko) starting in July, will be on CS channel "mondo 21".

Nobuko said, "I would like to try to be a singer."

Sayaka will be in the play Onigokko, in the role of Kaguya-hime. Also she will appear at the Katou Natsuki fan club event on 4/29, at Tennouzu Isle Sphere Mex. Even non-fan club members can attend.

Mieko will be in Jikuu Keisatsu Wecker, and it will go on sale 6/21. There will be a Wecker event on 6/3. Also Mieko's band debut will be on 5/10 at Take Off 7. Mieko wants to call her band the "Mi-chans", but they will announce the name at the event.

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