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    This page is the on-line Pre Cure (プリキュア) encyclopedia.

    Futari ha PreCure "Pretty Cure" (ふたりはプリキュア) is a set of fighting magical girl stories featuring a pair (or more) of junior high school girls. There is a weekly TV series and some anime movies.

    The PreCure TV series is still airing (as of 2010), and there were seven series.

    Some of the series are continuations of the previous series and use the same characters, but some are totally new. In all of the series, the magical girls have to fight to save earth from evil alien enemies.

    Most of the components of traditional magical girl anime can be found, such as long transformation sequences, magical items, cute pets, magical phrases, and magical attacks. However this anime has some of the most violent contact fighting scenes among magical girl anime. There's quite a bit of sports involved too.

    Since the PreCure pages have grown, there is a PreCure table of contents listing the various contents of these pages.

    This page is being organized by Hitoshi Doi (doi@usagi.org) [RSS 2.0], and contains contributions by the following people (in alphabetical order). I'm sorry if I left anybody out.

    • Kevin Lew
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    • Alan Takahashi

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