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    The Splash Star series is a different story and takes place in a different world from the previous Pre Cure (Pretty Cure) series. Instead of Nagisa and Honoka, the two main characters are Hyuuga Saki and Mishou Mai. But Saki is similar to Nagisa, and Mai is similar to Honoka, in personality and even looks.

    The basic story is pretty similar too. An evil force has taken over a distant land, and two creatures from that land come to earth to get help from the PreCure girls. The two fairies Frappi and Choppi also turn into cell phones, like their counterparts from PreCure.

    The worlds that exist in Futari ha PreCure Splash Star are the land of springs (izumi no sato) and land of green (midori no sato). The land of springs was the home of Frappi and Choppi. The land of green was their name for earth.

    The land of springs had seven springs which fed the Sekaiju, a large tree that feeds all life. However, six of them had already been taken over by the Dark Fall. Queen Fiilia had hidden the last spring (spring of the sun), and the Dark Fall members were looking for it.

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