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    Heartcatch PreCure (which started in February 2010) is a different story and takes place in a different world from the previous PreCure stories.

    Currently there are two main girls, so we may be back to the original "futari ha precure" concept.

    The main theme of Heartcatch PreCure is basically the same as the other PreCure stories. Normal junior high school girls transform into the PreCure fighters, and fight against bad guys. The cute animal-like creatures, transformation items, and other traditional magical girl anime features also exist in this show.

    Hanasaki Tsubomi (who transforms into Cure Blossom) may be the weakest PreCure in history, but with her friend Kurumi Erika (Cure Marin), they try to protect the flower of the heart to revive the great tree of hearts.

    This page contains the following information for the Heartcatch PreCure series.

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