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    Kibou no PreCure tanjou!

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2007.02.14
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    The setting was a European-like city.

    A junior high school girl with pink hair was chasing a butterfly. The butterfly turned a corner, and the girl went after it. Just as she turned the corner, the girl ran into a boy. The boy hugged her to prevent her from falling, and the butterfly flew away. But the boy stuck out is finger, and the butterfly landed on his finger.

    The boy asked for the girl's name. The girl said her name was Yumehara Nozomi. Before the girl could ask for the boy's name, the butterfly flew away. The boy sensed some evil, and ran off. Nozomi went after the boy, but he was nowhere in sight.

    When Nozomi was walking, and thinking to herself, one of her friends called out for her. Then Nozomi realized that she was going to miss the bus for her school.


    On the school bus, Nozomi told her friend about what had just happened. Nozomi said that the boy was very cool, but she didn't have a chance to ask for the boy's name. Nozomi's friend said that it must have been a meeting of destiny.

    [title screen]

    At the school, a very rich girl got out of her limosine. All the other students were looking at her. The girl was the student body president, Minazuki Karen.

    Then Karen stopped and said, "Good morning." Nozomi thought that Karen was talking to her. But actually Karen was talking to her friend, Akimoto Komachi.

    Nozomi was with her friend Rin, and many girls from various sports clubs surrounded them. They all asked Rin to help them with their sports matches. (Rin was a very good athlete.)

    Since Rin was talking to the sports clubs, Nozomi walked toward the school alone. Then she met a blonde haired girl who was sitting on a bench and talking to herself.

    The girl was Kasugano Urara, a young actress. She was practicing her lines from a drama, Cure Heart 9. Urara was also a first year student at the school. Nozumi was happy to meet a real live star.

    Nozomi still hadn't found anything she wanted to do. She had joined the hand craft club, drama club, and music clubs. But none of those clubs were fit for her.

    After class, Nozomi looked out the window and saw the boy that she had run into earlier. He was walking around the school grounds. Nozomi went after the boy, and saw him go into the library. Nozomi went into the library too.

    Inside the library, Nozomi saw Karen and Komachi, but didn't see the boy. Nozomi asked the girls, but they said that there wasn't any other person in the library. But Nozomi said that she saw the boy come in. Karen insisted that Nozomi was the only one to come into the library. But Nozomi said that she wanted to look around.

    Komachi said that Nozomi was just like Karen. Both were very stubborn about what they thought was right.

    Nozomi walked around the library, and spotted the boy. When she tried to go to him, he kept disappearing. Then Nozomi found a book on the bookshelf that was mysteriously shining. Nozomi picked it up, and it stopped shining. Then the boy appeared, and said that it was the dream collet. He asked Nozomi to give it to him.

    Nozomi was shocked at the boy's attitude. Nozomi said that the book belonged to the library, and that it couldn't be given out to anyone but the students. But the boy said that the book originally came from his world.

    Then Nozomi and the boy started fighting over the book. When Nozomi pulled the book away, she fell and dropped the book. The book popped open. Just then the boy fell, and turned into a cute white furry animal!

    [CM break]

    The animal said, "Coco."

    Nozomi said that the animal was very cute, and hugged it. Coco (the animal) said that she was squeezing him too hard.

    Nozomi let him go, and Coco went to get the pink colored item that had fallen out of the wooden book.

    Then he sensed some evil. He said that one of the nightmare villians had come.

    The villian appeared. He saw the dream collet.

    The dream collet was an item that would make any wish come true. But Coco said that the dream collet wouldn't work alone. The villian said that they also needed the pinky. But Coco said that he wouldn't give them the collet or the pinky.

    Then the villian transformed into a bug-like creature. The creature attacked Coco.

    The villian asked for the dream collet. Coco said he wouldn't give up the collet, as he had a dream. He said he wanted to use the collet to restore his land.

    Then Nozomi carried Coco and ran off. The villian chased her, and had her cornered.

    The villain was going to attack, but a pink butterfly came and landed on Nozomi's wrist. The butterfly changed into a wristwatch (called the pinky catch). Then Nozomi transformed into Cure Dream.

    The villian attacked, but Nozomi jumped away. She was suprised by her own power.

    Then the villian tossed a mask onto a painting, and the woman inside the painting came out as a ghost and chased Cure Dream. The ghost kept saying "kowainaa".

    Cure Dream said that she was scared. Coco told Cure Dream to believe in herself. Then Cure Dream fought the ghost, and kicked it away.

    The villian captured Cure Dream from behind. But Cure Dream tossed him over her head. Then she used her precure dream attack, and blasted the ghost woman.

    Then the villian got mad and escaped.

    After the battle, Nozomi returned to her normal form. Then she said that she had found what she wanted to do. Nozomi said that she wanted to make Coco's dream come true. Then Coco told Nozomi to go gather the other PreCure fighters. He said that there were five PreCure.

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