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  • Yes! PreCure 5 episode 2

    Jounetsu zenkai Cure Rouge!

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2007.02.15
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    Yumehara Nozomi said that she finally found her goal. She wanted to make Coco's dream come true. Nozomi was at the bus stop waiting for Rin. She wanted to tell her about becoming a PreCure.

    When Rin arrived, she was surprised that Nozomi was at the bus stop so early. Nozomi showed Rin her new wristwatch (that enabled her to transform). When Nozomi told Rin about the transformation, Rin didn't believe her. Nozomi asked Rin to fight together, but Rin just ignored Nozomi.


    At school, Nozomi kept telling Rin that her story was true, but Rin didn't believe her. Just then a substitute teacher walked into the classroom. He introduced himself as Kokoda Kouji. Nozomi was shocked to see that it was Coco.

    Later Nozomi asked Coco why he came to be a teacher. Coco said that he wanted to be close to Nozomi, just in case something happened. Nozomi blushed and thought that Coco liked her.

    Coco said that he was doing it just for the PreCure, but Nozomi thought that he liked her. While they were arguing, Rin came by. She overheard, and asked about the PreCure.

    [title screen]

    Coco explained about the dream collet, and the nightmare.

    Meanwhile at the nightmare headquarters, Girinma was explaining to his boss, Bunbi, that he had found the dream collet. But when Bunbi asked for the dream collet, Girinma said that the PreCure interfered. Bunbi said that there were other members of the nightmare, if Girinma couldn't get the job done.

    Coco explained that the nightmare had destroyed his homeland, Palmier Kingdom. The nightmare was after the dream collet and would do anything to get it. Coco said that they needed the help of the five PreCure to protect the dream collet.

    Rin listened to Coco's story, but didn't believe it. Then Nozomi said she would show her, by transforming. But Nozomi slipped on the stairs, and started to fall. Coco caught her, but then they fell together. Coco landed on top of Nozomi. Nozomi slapped Coco away, and Coco turned into his animal form.

    When Rin saw Coco in his animal form, Rin finally believed his story. But Rin said she was too busy to become a PreCure.

    Later Karen and Komachi came to the classroom looking for Nozomi. But Rin told them that Nozomi was gone. Karen and Komachi had seen the mess in the library the previous day. But the mess had been magically restored. They couldn't understand it, and they were going to ask Nozomi about it.

    Rin was alone, thinking about Nozomi's story. She recalled the past when Nozomi and Rin were little kids, and they got lost. Rin was worried about Nozomi.

    Just then Girinma appeared. He said he had come for the dream collet.

    [CM break]

    Meanwhile, Nozomi told Coco the story of when they were little and they had gotten lost. She said Rin was her best friend. Then Coco said that he had a best friend too. His best friend was the guardian of the dream collet, and he was sleeping inside the dream collet because he got injured defending it.

    Just then Coco saw a little white animal jumping around. Coco said that it was the pinky, and went after it. He said that they needed to catch 55 of the pinky and put them in the dream collet to make their dream come true.

    When Coco and Nozomi were looking at the pinky, Rin came running. She told Nozomi to stop becoming the PreCure, because it was too hard for her. Then Girinma also appeared.

    Girinma blasted Coco, and grabbed the pinky.

    Nozomi was going to transform, but Rin tried to stop her. But Nozomi said that she had decided to help Coco. Then she transformed into Cure Dream.

    Meanwhile, Urara was sitting on the bench, studying her lines for a drama. Then she saw a pink butterfly flying, and went after it.

    Girinma threw one of his masks at the lamp post, and turned it into a kowainaa monster. Then Girinma transformed into his bug-like form.

    Girinma attacked Cure Dream. Cure Dream defended herself from Girinma, but the kowainaa monster caught her.

    Rin was watching, and felt that she had to help Nozomi. She told Coco that she wanted to become a PreCure too. Just then a pink butterfly appeared. The butterfly landed on Rin's wrist and transformed into a watch (just like the one Nozomi has). Then Rin transformed into Cure Rouge.

    Cure Rouge started fighting Girinma. She used her precure rouge fire attack and blasted Girinma. Girinma got knocked into his own monster, and this freed Cure Dream. Then Cure Dream used her precure dream attack and killed the kowainaa monster.

    Girinma vanished.

    After the battle Nozomi was very happy that Rin was going to fight with her. Then Coco came and told Nozomi to catch the pinky. He pulled out a bell and rang it. Then he told Nozomi to swing her wristwatch. When Nozomi did as she was told, the pinky jumped into the watch.

    Meanwhile, Urara had been watching everything from the bushes. She wondered what the PreCure was..

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