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  • Yes! PreCure 5 episode 3

    Hajikeru PreCure ha dare?

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2007.02.20
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    Urara was auditioning for a drama. When the auditioner asked her if she was enjoying school, Urara thought about her daily school life. Urara was always sitting alone in class and during lunch. She walked alone to school. But the previous day, she saw two girls fighting some monsters. Urara answered that she was having fun at school.


    Rin opened her pinky catch and Coco played a small horn. Rin swung her wrist a little. Then a little white, bird-like creature went into her pinky catch.

    Coco said that Nozomi was the PreCure of "hope" and Rin was the PreCure of "passion". He said that the remaining PreCure were the PreCure of "intelligence", the PreCure of "peacefulness", and the PreCure of "bursting open". Rin asked what "bursting open" meant.

    [title screen]

    When Nozomi got home, Coco said that he was hungry. Nozomi gave Coco a chou creme. Coco liked it a lot. Just then Nozomi's father, who had been sleeping on the living room couch, woke up. Nozomi tried to hide Coco from her father.

    Nozomi's father was an author of children's stories.

    Then Nozomi saw Urara on TV.

    Meanwhile at Nightmare headquarters, Bunbi was scolding Girinma for failing twice. Girinma was asking for another chance, but Bunbi dropped Girinma through a hole on the floor. Then Bunbi gave the job to Gamao.

    During lunch (at a restaurant inside the school grounds), Urara was siting alone.

    Nozomi and Rin were talking about the PreCure. They tried not to talk too loudy.

    Then Nozomi noticed Urara sitting alone. She grabbed Rin and they went to Urara's table. Nozomi introduced Rin to Urara. Then Urara recalled that Nozomi and Rin were the two girls that she saw the previous day.

    When Nozomi said that Urara can ask them anything she wanted, Urara asked, "What is a PreCure?"

    Nozomi and Rin were shocked. Just then the school chimes rang.

    Rin pushed Nozomi away, and left Urara by herself. But Nozomi returned to the table, saying she forgot her lunch box. When Urara was going to go to her class, Nozomi said that she would show Urara around the school (since she was the upper classman).

    When Kouji (Coco) was going to begin teaching, he noticed that Nozomi was missing. Rin gave some body signals to Coco, and let him know that Nozomi had been missing since after lunch. Then Kouji told the class to study on their own, and left the classroom. Rin also left the classroom.

    [CM break]

    Nozomi was showing Urara around the school grounds. They went all over. Then they went to the Cinq Lumiere Hall, which was a very large hall with a stage. It was also the oldest building in the city. Urara said that it was her dream to act on this stage, in front of a large crowd.

    Urara said she was nowhere near a big star. All of her roles right now were small supporting roles with just one line. Nozomi asked if Urara spent her whole lunch time studying just one line. Urara said that she ate lunch alone because she didn't have any friends. Then Nozomi said Urara wasn't alone. Nozomi said she was Urara's friend.

    Nozomi showed Urara her pinky catch. She told Urara about her dream to fight the nightmare and restore the Palmier Kingdom. But Nozomi also said that it was a secret.

    Just then Rin and Kouji appeared. Rin scolded Nozomi for taking a younger student out of her class.

    Then Gamao appeared. He told the girls to hurry up and give him the dream collet. Then Gamao threw the mask at the stage curtains, and turned it into a kowainaa monster. Nozomi told Urara to escape.

    Nozomi and Rin transformed and fought against the monster. Coco lead Urara away, but Urara was watching. When Gamao tried to attack Urara, Coco got in the way, and got blasted. Then the PreCure bought some time for Urara to get away.

    Gamao asked for the dream collet again, and when Cure Dream refused, the PreCure got captured.

    Urara was running away, but she heard the fighting in the other room. Then she recalled the time she spent with Nozomi. Urara rushed back to the hall. Then a yellow butterfly appeared and landed on Urara's wrist.

    Everyone was surprised. Urara transformed into Cure Lemonade. She said she was the "bursting open" PreCure.

    Cure Lemonade used her "precure lemonade flash" attack. This enabled Cure Dream and Cure Rouge to escape from the monster. Then Cure Rouge used her "precure rouge fire", and Cure Dream used her "precure dream attack". This finished off the kowainaa monster. Gamao got mad and escaped.

    After the battle, Nozomi and Rin welcomed Urara to their group.

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