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  • Yes! PreCure 5 episode 4

    Yasuragi no Cure Mint!

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2007.03.01
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    Komachi was working at the school library. Some students were in the library, and they were talking about the library being haunted.

    Komachi was writing something in her free time. But she wasn't very satisfied with her work.


    When Karen arrived at school, she noticed that there were strange rumours going around. Some said there was a something in the library, and others said there was something in the large hall.

    Karen met Komachi, and said that she wanted to investigate these rumours during the lunch break. She asked Komachi to meet with her. Then they noticed Nozomi, Rin, and Urara talking together. Karen looked at them suspiciously.

    [title screen]

    At Nightmare headquarters, Arakunea was talking to Bunbi. Bunbi said that Gamao had failed and had also disappeared. Arakunea said that she was a different level from Girinma and Gamao. Bunbi said that he was counting on her.

    At school, when it was lunch break, Coco (in human form) asked Nozomi and Rin to come to the teacher's office. He asked them to bring Urara too.

    When the three girls arrived at the office, Coco transformed back into his animal form. Nozomi and Rin started eating because they were hungry. Coco asked them if they had found the other two PreCure, the PreCure of "intelligence" and PreCure of "peacefulness". Coco said he wanted them to hurry and help his friend.

    Just then Karen and Komachi came into the room. Coco quickly hid. They scolded the three girls for eating lunch in the teacher's office. Then Karen said that there was something that she wanted to ask.

    The five girls went to the outdoor restaurant. Karen asked the three girls if they had something to do with the all the comotion at the school recently. She said that there had been witnesses that saw them.

    The three girls became quiet. But suddenly Nozomi stood up and asked Karen and Komachi if they would join them. Rin was shocked. Nozomi said that Karen was very intelligent and Komachi was very peaceful. Urara agreed.

    Karen and Komachi said that they had no idea what Nozomi was talking about. Then Nozomi told them the truth, that they were the PreCure. But Karen got upset. She thought that Nozomi was making up a story. Then Karen and Komachi left.

    After school, Rin was playing soccer. Nozomi went to the library to talk to Komachi. Urara went to see Karen, but she was busy in a meeting.

    Coco (in human form) met Urara. He transformed into his animal form, and told Urara that a pinky was near. Then Urara caught the pinky.

    At the library, Nozomi saw Komachi sitting at the desk writing something. Komachi quickly hid her writing when Nozomi came. Nozomi asked what she was doing. Komachi told Nozomi that she was writing a story (because she wanted to become an author). But she wasn't having much success at it.

    Then Nozomi told Komachi that she shouldn't give up on her dream. Nozomi said that she would cheer for Komachi. Then Komachi asked Nozomi to tell her more about her story (about becoming a PreCure). Komachi thought it was some novel and wanted to know the author. But Nozomi said that it was a true story.

    [CM break]

    Nozomi and Komachi was walking outside, with Nozomi giving more details about their fight against the Nightmare. Komachi said Karen wouldn't believe it.

    Just then something came out from a manhole, and caught Nozomi and Komachi. It pulled them into the sewer system. It was Arakunea (one of the Nightmare). Arakunea then changed into her spider woman form.

    Meanwhile Coco sensed the Nightmare.

    Nozomi and Komachi tried to run away. Arakunea caught up to Nozomi. Then Nozomi transformed into Cure Dream. Arakunea turned the water into a monster, and Cure Dream attacked the monster. She tried to help Komachi escape.

    Meanwhile Urara and Rin were running around looking for Nozomi. They found the open manhole and knew she must be inside.

    Cure Dream and Komachi were cornered. Then Cure Dream told Komachi to hold onto her. Cure Dream jumped off of a high ledge (with Komachi on her back).

    Rin and Urara appeared. They also transformed. Komachi saw all this and couldn't believe it.

    The PreCure fought against Arakunea. Arakunea made fun of dreams. Cure Dream said Komachi's dream was great. But Arakunea caught Cure Dream and Komachi. Arakunea called for the kowainaa monster again, and the PreCure fought against the monster.

    Komachi said that she wanted to help Nozomi. Then a green butterfly appeared, Komachi transformed into Cure Mint.

    Cure Mint quickly used her "precure mint protection" attack. Then Cure Lemonade used her "precure lemonade flash" attack, and Cure Rouge used her "precure rouge fire" attack. Cure Dream finished off the monster with her "precure dream attack".

    Then Arakunea gave up, and disappeared into the ground.

    Nozomi, Rin, and Urara crawled out of the manhole. There were many girls surrounding the hole. They said they heard a loud noise, and strange voices. Then Karen came and said that the three girls must have been the cause of all the recent trouble.

    Then Komachi crawled out of the hole. Karen was shocked. She asked what Komachi was doing, and Komachi just laughed, with Nozomi, Rin, and Urara.

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