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    PreCure no shikaku

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2007.03.10
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    When Minazuki Karen walked through the halls of the school, many students stared and adored her.

    Many girls asked Karen for help with their student council duties. They asked her to check the reports that they had written. Karen told them that she would do it, but she thought to herself, "It seems I have to do everything.."


    During lunch Nozomi, Rin, and Urara were eating together. Rin saw that Nozomi was eating a lot of bread. Then she noticed that Urara was eating a lot too. Rin decided that she would pig out too.

    Komachi came to the table with her lunch box. She said that her mother always makes a lot of food for her, and she can never finish it. Nozomi, Rin, and Urara easily finished the food. Nozomi asked Komachi to come eat with them every day.

    Coco (in animal form) came by. He asked the girls to hurry and find the 5th PreCure. The 5th PreCure was the PreCure of intelligence.

    Urara asked about Minazuki Karen. She and the others said that Karen was a perfect fit for the 5th PreCure. But Komachi said that Karen was very stubborn, and since she already refused, Karen wouldn't do it. But Nozomi said that she would go ask her anyway.

    [title screen]

    At Nightmare headquarters, Bunbi was asking Arakunea about her failure. She said that she didn't know that there were four PreCure, and asked him for another chance. But Bunbi told her to "rest" for a while. Then Bunbi said that he would have to go himself.

    At school, just when Karen was about to get into her car to go home, one of the girls came by and asked her for help. The girl didn't have confidence in herself to make a presentation, so she asked Karen to help her. Then Karen told the driver to go home by himself.

    Meanwhile, Komachi took the other three girls to Karen's mansion. The girls were surprised at the size of her house. It was much bigger than their school.

    Komachi rang the bell at the gate, but nobody was home. Just then the gates opened, and Karen's car came by. The girls looked in, but the driver told them that Karen was still at school. He told the girls that they can wait inside the house.

    When Karen got home, she was surprised that Komachi and the other girls were waiting for her. When Nozomi commented that it was a huge house, and asked how many people lived there, Mr. Sakamoto (Komachi's caretaker) answered that only Karen and he lived there now. Sakamoto mentioned that Komachi's famous musician parents were away because of their work most of the time. Komachi's father played the piano, and her mother played the violin.

    When Komachi gave Karen some sweets that she had brought, Karen told everyone to wait outside in the gazebo.

    [CM break]

    All the girls were enjoying the youkan (sweet Japanese dessert) that Komachi had brought. Karen mentioned that Komachi's family was a Japanese dessert maker with over 100 years of business.

    Then Sakamoto brought the phone for Karen. It was a call from Karen's mother who was overseas. Karen told her mother than she wasn't lonely at all.

    When Karen returned to the table, she asked why the girls had come over. Then Nozomi asked her to help them by becoming one of the PreCure. But Karen said that she had already replied to them before that she wasn't interested. Karen said that she didn't believe their story.

    Then Nozomi took Coco out of her bag. Karen was surprised, but said that it was a very advanced stuffed animal. When Nozomi said that they had to gather the pinky to save Coco's homeland, Karen said that she had no idea what they were talking about. Just then Coco sensed a pinky nearby.

    Komachi opened her pinky catch, and a little flute popped out. Coco played the flute, and the rabbit-like pinky floated to Komachi's pinky catch. But just at the last moment, something appeared and grabbed the pinky.

    Bunbi had the pinky in his hands. He asked the girls for the dream collet. When the girls refused, Bunbi threw a mask and created a monster out of the gazebo. The monster attacked, and the girls ran away.

    Coco told the girls to transform. Karen asked, "Transform?" Then Nozomi transformed. Rin transformed. Urara transformed. Finally Komachi transformed. Karen saw all of this, and was surprised.

    The PreCure fought against the monster. Then Bunbi appeared. He asked for the dream collet again. When the girls refused, Bunbi transformed into his fly (insect) form. Bunbi attacked, and Cure Mint used her shield to block the attack. But Bunbi's attack destroyed the shield.

    A magical butterfly flew to Karen, who was watching the battle. Coco told her to put her hand out and transform into the PreCure. Karen thought to herself that she couldn't fight the monster. But she also thought to herself that she always had to help others.

    Karen stuck out her hand, and the butterfly landed on her wrist. The butterly started turning into the pinky catch. Just as it was going to attach to Karen's wrist, the pinky catch disappeared.

    Coco was shocked. All the girls were shocked. Karen asked herself, "Why? Can't I do it?"

    Lemonade attacked. Rouge attacked. Then Dream attacked, and destroyed the monster. Bunbi gave up, and took the pinky with him.

    Later, Karen told everyone that she realized that the girls were telling the truth. But she also said that she wasn't able to transform into the PreCure. So she told them not to ask her any more. But Nozomi said that she would keep trying, as she really wanted Karen to join them.

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