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    PreCure 5 Zen'in Shuugou!

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2007.03.17
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    [Flashback to the past, when Karen was little.]

    Little Karen was sleeping on the sofa. When she woke up, she looked out the window and saw an airplane. She wondered if that was the one her parents were flying on. She said, "I wish they would come back soon." But Karen quickly told Sakamoto that it was nothing.

    [Back to the present.]

    Karen was looking out the window of her room. She was looking at an airplane that was flying by. Karen recalled the battle against the monster the previous day, and thought to herself, "Why couldn't I help everyone?"


    At Nightmare headquarters, Bunbi was showing off the pinky that he had caught. But the others remained expressionless. He said that he would go get the dream collet next.

    [title screen]

    At school, Coco (in human form) was depressed that the pinky had been caught by the Nightmare. But Nozomi said they would be able to get it back. She said that Karen would join them. The other girls said that she wasn't able to become a PreCure, but Nozomi said she wouldn't give up on Karen. Then Nozomi noticed that Sakamoto had arrived at school to pick up Karen.

    Meanwhile Karen was in a student council meeting. They were talking about how many of the students were coming to school late. But Karen wasn't paying attention during the meeting.

    Nozomi invited Sakamoto to have tea with them while they waited for Karen. Sakamoto said that he wanted the girls to become friends with Karen. He said that he hadn't seen Karen having so much fun in a long time. He explained that Karen always kept her feelings inside, and didn't tell her parents that she was lonely.

    When Karen came by, she was surprised to see Sakamoto with the other girls. She got angry, and told the girls to leave her alone. When Nozomi said that she needed her help, Karen said that she wasn't able to transform. Then Nozomi asked Coco why Karen couldn't become a PreCure.

    Coco said the only those who truly wish to become a PreCure can be one. But Karen snapped back and said that really did want to help the others. Then Karen walked away.

    Nozomi went after her. Nozomi kept asking Karen to become a PreCure. But Karen kept saying that she couldn't. Then Nozomi said that she was very different from Karen, but they still had one thing in common. That was that they both loved their parents. Nozomi said that she saw Karen speaking to her parents on the phone, and noticed her kindness. Then Karen softened up and said that she didn't know if she can become a PreCure, but she wanted Nozomi to come over to her house again.

    Then Bunbi appeared. He said he wanted to go over to Karen's house too, to get the dream collet.

    [CM break]

    Nozomi saw Bunbi, and asked him to return the pinky. Then Bunbi took out the pinky and let it go. The pinky started bouncing around toward Nozomi. But just before the pinky reached her, Bunbi tossed the mask and the pinky turned into the kowainaa monster.

    Meanwhile, Coco felt that a pinky was near. But he also noticed that something was wrong.

    The monster started chasing Nozomi and Karen. Nozomi pushed Karen out of the way, and Nozomi transformed into Cure Dream.

    Cure Dream tried to fight against the monster, but since she knew that it was the pinky, she couldn't attack. Then the other girls came, and transformed.

    The other girls was going to attack the monster, but Cure Dream told them that the monster was the pinky. Then all they could do was retreat.

    Bunbi transformed into his other form, and attacked. The girls couldn't do much against him either.

    Then Karen (who had been hiding) ran out, and told Bunbi to stop attacking. But since she was just a normal girl, she couldn't do anything. The other girls got in front of Karen and told her to go hide. But then a blue butterfly appeared and landed on Karen's wrist.

    Karen transformed into Cure Aqua. Bunbi was surprised. But he regained his calm and started fighting.

    Cure Aqua told the other girls that if they destroyed the mask, the monster would turn back into the pinky.

    Cure Dream and Cure Lemonade attacked Bunbi. The others went to attack the monster. Cure Mint used her "precure mint protection", Cure Aqua used her "precure aqua stream", and Cure Rouge used her "precure rouge fire" to break the mask off of the monster. Then the pinky returned to normal, and Cure Mint caught the pinky.

    Later that evening when Karen was talking to her mother on the phone, she asked when she was going to return to Japan. Karen told her mother that she wanted to see her.

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