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  • Yes! PreCure 5 episode 7

    Shin'yuu Nuts arawaru

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2007.03.26
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    Coco was in Nozomi's room early in the morning. He was feeling very happy that the 5 PreCure had gathered together. He said he would be able to open the dream collet, and get reunited with his friend. But Coco was disappointed that Nozomi was still asleep.

    Coco (in animal form) tried to wake up Nozomi, but Nozomi easily knocked him out of her bed. Then Coco transformed into his human form and tried to wake up Nozomi. Just then someone knocked on Nozomi's door. Nozomi's mother opened the door, and saw Coco (in human form) trying to wake up Nozomi.

    Nozomi's mother was shocked. Coco was shocked too. But Coco just said good morning, and acted very calm. Nozomi's mother closed the door.

    Then Nozomi's mother shouted out and opened the door again. This time, Nozomi woke up. Mother told Nozomi that there was a (cool) guy trying to wake her up. Then Nozomi saw Coco (in animal form) on her bed. She quickly said that her mother must have been dreaming.


    At school, Nozomi was with Rin and Urara. They were talking about opening up the dream collet. But then some other friends came over and started to talk to Urara and Rin. Then Komachi and Karen came over. Nozomi was going to talk to them, but some other students came over and started to talk to Komachi and Karen.

    Later Karen took the other girls to the student council office. She told everyone to hurry, because she didn't know when someone might come. They put the dream collet on the table. Coco told the girls to put their pinky catches close to the dream collet. Then a magic beam came out of the pinky catches, and the dream collet opened up.

    A light came out of the dream collet, and a brown furry animal appeared out of the light.

    [title screen]

    Coco was very happy to see his friend Nuts. Nuts looked around and saw all the girls. When Coco approached Nuts, Nuts swung his tail and slapped Coco away. He was upset that Coco had opened the dream collet in front of the girls. Coco explained that the girls were the PreCure.

    Meanwhile at Nightmare headquarters, Bunbi was thinking about his situation. All of his underlings had failed and he still didn't have the dream collet. He was worrying about how to tell his superiors. Just then his superior, Kawariino, appeared.

    Bunbi quickly apologized to Kawariino. Kawariino knew that it must be the legendary PreCure. But he said that they must get the dream collet for their leader, Deathparaia.

    After Kawariino left, Girinma crawled out of the hole. Bunbi said he will give Girinma another chance to go get the dream collet.

    Nuts asked who the leader of the PreCure was. Nozomi said Karen should be the leader as she was the smartest. But Karen said that Nozomi was the one who picked her. The other girls also said that Nozomi was the first one to become a PreCure. So Nozomi agreed and said that she would be the leader.

    Nuts was upset that Nozomi was taking it so lightly. Coco explained that the girls had worked hard to help them. But Nuts said that the girls might be planning on using the dream collet for themselves. The girls said that they weren't thinking that. But Nuts didn't believe them.

    When the girls were walking back to their classes, Coco said that Nuts had been through a lot, and lost his trust in people. Then Nozomi said that she would try to become friends with Nuts.

    [CM break]

    After school when the girls were walking home, Nozomi told everyone that Coco had been seen by her mother. Komachi said that maybe Coco should stay over at somebody else's house that night. Then the girls thought that they needed a place where they can talk without interference from others. Karen said they could use her mansion, but she also said that it was very far from their school.

    Then Karen recalled that her family had an empty warehouse nearby. Everyone went to the deserted warehouse, which used to be a factory. Komachi said that it was too big. Then Karen said that there was a very small closet nearby.

    Karen took the girls to a nearby house. The girls said that it would be fine if they cleaned it up. Karen asked if it wasn't too small, but Rin said that it was larger than her house!

    All the girls and Coco started cleaning up the house. But Rin, Natsumi, and Urara started playing. Then Komachi spotted a little lizard. She said it was cute, and picked it up with her bare hands. When she showed Karen, Karen was shocked and quickly backed away. Karen was very afraid of the lizard.

    Meanwhile, Nuts was sitting by himself in the back room. Coco told him to help out, but Nuts didn't feel like it.

    When he found out that the girls had caught the pinky already, he told them to quickly put them into the dream collet. Then Nozomi aimed her pinky catch toward the dream collet, and the pinky magically got transferred to the dream collet.

    Just then, Girinma appeared. He hit Coco away, and grabbed the dream collet. When Girinma went outside, all the girls went after him, and they all transformed.

    Girinma lured them into the large warehouse. He used the mask and turned a large pile of teddy bears into a kowainaa monster. When the girls were fighting the monster, Nuts was able to get the dream collet away from Girinma. Just as he was falling, Nozomi caught him.

    When Nozomi called out his name, Girinma said, "So you're the one who opened the gate!"

    Then Girinma told them the story of how the Nightmare was able to get into the Palmier Kingdom.

    The Palmier Kingdom was protected by five lights, and even the Nightmare couldn't get in. But they used a trick by pretending to be an injured pinky. When Nuts saw the pinky, he opened the gate and let the pinky inside. But it was actually one of the Nightmare.

    Then the PreCure fought against Girinma and the monster. When Cure Dream blasted the mask and returned the monster back into the teddy bears, Girinma went away.

    The next day, when the girls went to the old house, they were surprised to see it all cleaned up, and turned into a store. There was a sign on the house, Natts House.

    When they went inside, they saw a cool looking guy. The guy said that he cleaned up the house. When the girls asked who he was, Coco (in human form) said that it was Nuts. The girls were very surprised.

    Then Nuts gave all the girls a pink box. He told them to put the pinky catch inside the box when they weren't using it.

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