Yes! PreCure 5 episode 8

Aishou saiaku? Rin to Karen

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Rin was running with a red tulip. She was on her way to Natts House. When she arrived, she ran into Karen, who was holding a blue flower, a balloon flower.


Nozomi had brought some green tea, Urara brought some red tea, Komachi brought some desserts.

Coco was happy to see that the girls had brought things to celebrate Natts House. But Nuts just said that he hadn't asked for anything. Then Rin and Karen got into an argument about which flower best suited the store. Komachi and Nozomi tried to calm them down.

Rin said that her house was a flower shop, so she knew about flowers. Karen said that she grew the blue flower in her green house.

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When the girls were ready to eat, Nozomi asked what everyone wanted to drink. Rin said she wanted red tea. Karen was surprised. She said that green tea suited Komachi's Japanese deserts best. But Rin said she still wanted to drink red tea. Then Urara said that she wanted to drink milk. Komachi said that it didn't matter what everyone drank. Then Nozomi said that she wanted to mix green tea, red tea, and milk!

Coco and Nuts (in animal form) asked the girls to transfer their pinky from the pinky catch to the dream collet.

Meanwhile, Bunbi was calling for Arakunea. Arakunea appeared from the hole. She said that she would do the job. Bunbi told her that they would get scolded from their superiors if they failed again.

Kawariino and Deathparaia were watching Bunbi's office on a hidden camera. Deathparaia's wish was to use the dream collet to get eternal life, and to rule the world with powers of despair.

At the school restaurant, Nozomi was with Rin and Urara. Nozomi told Rin that she should talk to Karen, but Rin said that she didn't have to. Then Urara commented that although Nozomi and Rin argued, they never fought like Rin and Karen.

When Komachi and Karen arrived at their table, they all ate in silence. Then Nozomi commented that Karen's lunch was small and cute. Rin said that it's a wonder that Karen can survive on just so little. Then Karen started eating a lot. She ordered plates and plates of food. Rin also pigged out, keeping up with Karen. A lot of the school girls gathered around to watch.

Later Komachi, Nozomi, and Urara were walking home together. They were talking about the problem of Rin and Karen. Just then Arakunea appeared.

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Arakunea turned into her spider form. Then the three girls transformed. But Arakunea easily caught them in her spider web, and dragged them down into the sewers. Arakunea told Coco to tell the others that they had to bring the dream collet if they wanted to save the three captured PreCure.

When Rin and Karen were walking home, Coco ran to them. He told them about the other three.

Rin and Karen went into the sewers to save the others. They ran into Arakunea, and saw the other three caught in a large spider web. Then Rin and Karen transformed.

Arakunea tossed the mask, and turned the water pipes into a kowainaa monster. Cure Rouge and Cure Aqua fought the monster.

Meanwhile, Coco went to wake up Cure Dream.

Cure Rouge and Cure Aqua used their attacks and destroyed the monster. Then the other three got freed. Cure Lemonade, Cure Mint, and Cure Dream attacked Arakunea, and all she can do was escape.

After the battle Rin and Karen made up, and became friends. But later when they were all at Natts House, Rin and Karen started arguing over the position of the flowers.

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