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  • Yes! PreCure 5 episode 9

    PreCure ga barechatta!?

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2007.04.28
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    When Nozomi, Rin, and Urara arrived at school, they saw the Cinq Lumiere Tsuushin (the school newspaper) on a bulletin board. Rin was shocked to see themselves in the headlines. There was an article about the girls pigging out the previous day.

    Just then, Masuko Mika (a reporter for the Cinq Lumiere Tsuushin) came by. Mika started asking Urara many questions, as Urara was a real idol. Rin got upset, but Urara just answered the questions with a smile. Then Mika asked Urara if she had a boyfriend. Urara said that she didn't, but there was someone she highly respected. It was Nozomi.


    During lunch, Mika was taking photos of Nozomi, Urara, Rin, Komachi, and Karen. Then Mika started getting suspicious. She wondered why those five girls, who didn't seem to have anything in common, were together. Then she overheard the girls talking, and calling Nozomi the leader.

    [title screen]

    At Nightmare headquarters, Bunbi was getting upset at Arakunea. Arakunea said that she would go get the dream collet.

    The next day, the girls were looking at the Cinq Lumiere Tsuushin. The top article was about the relationship of the five girls. Karen was student council president, Komachi was her good friend, Rin was a star athlete, Urara was an idol, and Nozomi was an unknown. It was strange that Nozomi was with these girls.

    Then Mika appeared. She asked the girls why the five were together. Mika had interviewed Otaka-san (woman of the school restaurant), and had learned that the girls ate lunch together every day recently. That had started just about the time of the ghost incidents.

    Mika asked Karen, but Karen couldn't answer. Then Mika asked Nozomi. She asked what Nozomi was the leader of. Nozomi said, "The fighters of justice." But Mika told her to stop joking.

    After school, Nozomi, Rin, and Urara were walking home, with Coco (in human form). Mika was spying on them. Just when Mika lost sight of them for a second, Coco disappeared. Mika couldn't believe it.

    When the girls were walking, Coco shouted out that a pinky was nearby. He told Nozomi to catch it. Nozomi opened her pinky catch and caught the pinky. Mika was watching this from a distance, but since the three girls had their backs turned toward her, Mika couldn't see anything.

    Then the girls walked into Natts House. Mika was watching them from outside the store. She saw the two furry animals on the table. Then the animals moved their tails. Mika wondered if they were pets or dolls.

    Then Mika went into the store. She saw the five girls together, and questioned them. She asked why the five were together again. She also noticed that nobody else was in the store. Mika said there was something very suspicious about the store.

    When Mika was outside the store taking photos of the shop, Arakunea (in human form) appeared. Arakunea asked Mika if she knew the five girls. When Mika replied that she did, Arakunea smiled.

    [CM break]

    Arakunea kidnapped Mika. Mika screamed, and the five girls went after them. They came to an old, spooky building.

    When the five girls went inside, Arakunea was holding Mika hostage, and asked for the dream collet. Then Arakunea transformed into her spider woman form.

    Arakunea took Mika's camera and threw it on the ground. Then she tossed a mask at it, and turned the camera into a monster.

    Mika got scared and hid. This gave the girls a chance to transform without being seen by Mika.

    The PreCure fought against the monster. Arakunea took Mika hostage again.

    Cure Dream and Cure Aqua went to fight Arakunea. Cure Mint went with them. Cure Rouge and Cure Lemonade fought the monster.

    The PreCure eventually defeated the monster, and Arakunea escaped.

    After the battle, Mika thanked the PreCure. She asked who they were, and wanted to take their photos. But Cure Lemonade said no photos allowed.

    Mika got more curious.

    Later Mika followed the girls to Natts House. Then she ran into Nuts (in human form).

    The next day Nozomi, Rin, and Urara were walking through school, thinking that the Cinq Lumiere Tsuushin would have them in the headlines. But when they got to the bulletin board, they were surprised to see Nuts (in human form) get the top story.

    Mika came and said that she would continue to write about Nuts.

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