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    Harapeko Nuts wo sukue!

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2007.05.01
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    The girls and Coco went to Natts House. When Nuts saw that it was the usual gang, he became very disappointed. Then he suddenly fainted.


    Coco thought Nuts was sick, but he was just tired from not eating. Nuts hadn't eaten for two days. He pigged out on some desserts that Komachi had brought and recovered. Nuts told Komachi that he would pay her for the desserts, but Komachi said that it wasn't necessary.

    The girls got angry at Coco for not noticing Nuts' condition. But Coco said that Nuts always kept refusing food. Then Rin realized that she had never seen any customers in the store.

    [title screen]

    At Nightmare headquarters Kawariino was scolding Bunbi for his and his subordinate's failures.

    Meanwhile, Gamao was hiding in the streets. Because of his failure against the PreCure, he couldn't get paid. He was feeling hungry as he hadn't eaten anything for a while.

    At Natts House, the girls were wondering why there weren't any customers. Then Urara became very serious, and said that one needed to work hard on advertisement, promotion, and sales.

    Rin suggested that they advertise at school, but Karen warned the girls that accessories weren't allowed in school. Then Coco said that he had to follow the rules because he was a teacher. When the girls were feeling disappointed, Karen said that they could still advertise the store without bringing the actual accessories to school.

    Nozomi and Rin asked Mika to put an advertisement in the Cinq Lumiere Tsuushin newspaper. But Mika got very upset. She said that the newspaper was for journalism, and not for advertisement.

    Later that day, everyone was at Natts House. There weren't any customers in the store. They all watched TV, as Urara was going to make an appearance. But Urara was in a group shot, so she didn't have any closeups.

    [CM break]

    Everyone was feeling disappointed. Nuts said that they should just wait.

    Komachi suggested that they pass out advertisement flyers. She told everyone the story of her store. It was a very famous store and had lots of business. But there was a time when it started to lose customers. So Komachi's grand parents passed out flyers, and worked hard to bring the customers back into the store.

    Everyone worked at making a flyer. Just when Nozomi finished, Coco and Rin brought a stack of paper. Nozomi was shocked that she had to make so many.

    Just then the dream collet started making a sound. Nuts pulled out a card, and stuck it into the dream collet. One of the pinky came out.

    The blue, round pinky went to the advertisement flyer, and started scanning it. Then it used it's power to "print" many copies onto the white paper.

    Nuts and Coco said that the pinky Kuriakuman was good at calling customers.

    The girls went out to a park and passed out the flyers.

    Then Nozomi passed out a flyer to Gamao. Gamao created a hole in the ground and Nozomi fell into the hole. Then the other girls came. Gamao created a bigger hole, and all the girls fell. Gamao turned into his monster form and went after the girls.

    Then Gamao tossed his wallet into the air, and threw a mask at it. The wallet turned into a kowainaa monster. The girls transformed.

    The PreCure fought the monster and Gamao. Cure Aqua and Cure Rouge defeated the monster. Then Cure Dream tossed Gamao, and blasted him. But Gamao escaped just in time.

    After the battle, the girls, Coco, and Nuts kept passing out the flyers in the town. Mika just happened to be walking by, and received a flyer from Nuts. She recognized him as the cool guy she had met previously, and blushed.

    The next day, she wrote an article about Nuts and the store in the Cinq Lumiere Tsuushin. After that Natts House became packed full of girls from Cinq Lumiere Gakuen.

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