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  • Yes! PreCure 5 episode 11

    Nozomi to Coco no Netsukikyuu

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2007.05.05
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    Rin was dragging Nozomi to the school restaurant, where Karen, Komachi, and Urara were waiting. They were wondering what was going on. Then Rin told Nozomi to show their friends her math test score. Nozomi then showed the paper, with the score of 18 written on it. Urara said that it must have been a difficult test, but Rin said that the average score was 80. Nozomi said that she didn't care if she couldn't study.

    Since midterms were coming up pretty soon, Karen scolded Nozomi. Komachi suggested that they study together.


    After school, the girls were at Natts House (in the second floor gathering area) studying. But Karen wasn't studying at all. Komachi said that Karen learns everything during class so she didn't need to study outside of school. Karen said that it just requires concentration.

    But Nozomi wasn't concentrating at all. She was playing with her pencil, and started looking out the window. She saw a hot air balloon and started thinking that she wanted to ride in it.

    When Karen asked if Nozomi was finished, she showed everyone her blank homework. She said that she didn't know where to start.

    Just then Coco and Nuts brought some snacks and tea. Nozomi became very happy, but Karen stopped her and said that she couldn't have any until she finished her homework.

    [title screen]

    At Nightmare headquarters, Bunbi was showing a graph of their monthly performance. There was a graph going upwards. Arakunea said that it looked pretty good. But Bunbi said that it was the graph for the PreCure. The PreCure were getting stronger with each battle.

    Then Bunbi showed the graph for the Nightmare. It was a graph heading downwards. Arakunea said that she was trying her best, but Bunbi said that he was only interested in the results.

    At Natts House, Rin and Urara had finished their homework and started eating. But Nozomi was still working.

    Komachi said that Nozomi should take a break from becoming a PreCure to concentrate on her studies. The other girls agreed and Urara said that they will become the PreCure4. Then Nozomi got upset and ran out of the store. Coco ran after her.

    Nuts went up the girls and said that their method of scolding Nozomi wouldn't work. He said that in the Palmier Kingdom, Coco was very good at teaching children and listening to the problems of others. He said they should leave it to Coco.

    Nozomi noticed Coco following her and told him to leave her alone. She thought that he was going to tell her to study, just like the others. But Coco took her to the hot air balloon.

    [CM break]

    Nozomi and Coco rode the hot air balloon. Nozomi saw the school and Natts House from the sky.

    When she thought about her friends, Nozomi became quiet. Coco asked her if she was thinking about her friends. Nozomi said that they must be studying, but Coco said that her friends were all worried about her.

    Nozomi said that she was never good at studying, ever since she was little. She said that she had no ability to study. But Coco said that it didn't have anything to do with ability. It had to do with her attitude toward studying. If she enjoyed it, she would be able to do it.

    At Natts House, the other girls were feeling sad without Nozomi there. Nuts told them that it was ok to go look for her.

    It was starting to get windy outside, so the hot air balloon operator told Coco and Nozomi that the ride was going to end.

    Just when they landed, Arakunea appeared and tossed the mask onto the hot air balloon. The balloon took off with Coco and Nozomi still inside. Then the balloon went up into the clouds, where Arakunea was waiting.

    Nozomi transformed, and fought the monster.

    Meanwhile the other girls spotted the dark clouds and the hot air balloon. They saw that Nozomi was inside, and went to the cloud.

    Then Cure Dream got caught in Arakunea's spider web. Just when the kowainaa monster was going to attack, Cure Rouge came into the cloud. Then Cure Lemonade also appeared. The PreCure defeated the monster, and Arakunea retreated.

    One week later, Nozomi got her midterms back. She got a 35 and 38. Nozomi was very happy with her scores, but Karen was disappointed. Rin said that Nozomi couldn't improve that quickly, so they should wait for her gradual improvement.

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