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  • Yes! PreCure 5 episode 12

    Urara no stage wo mamore!

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2007.05.10
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    Urara was pigging out during lunch. Her friends noticed that she was eating more than usual. She said that she had gotten a job, so she was stocking up with energy. Urara was going to do an emcee job on Sunday, at a stage show at an amusement park.


    On Sunday, all of Urara's friends went with Urara to the amusement park. Coco and Nuts were also there, inside Nozomi's bag. They had come along, because they said that they didn't know when they would run into a pinky.

    At the train station, Urara and her friends met Urara's manager, Mr. Washio Kouta. They also ran into Mika, reporter for the Cinq Lumiere Tsuushin. Mika said she would cover Urara's event.

    [title screen]

    At Nightmare headquarters, Bunbi called for Girinma. He said that this might be Girinma's final stage, because of all of his failures. But Girinma said that he would get the dream collet for sure this time.

    Urara was rehearsing on the stage, and all of her friends were watching. Just then, the staff ran into a problem. The girl who was supposed to do the role of the rabbit got sick. The producer was going to cancel the show because the rabbit was the main character, but Nozomi raised her hand and said that she would do it. Rin pointed out that Nozomi got kicked out of the drama club after just three days, but Nozomi said that she could do it. Then Komachi and Karen said that they would help out too.

    Urara's manager begged the producer not to cancel the show, and the producer agreed to try it with Nozomi. They did the rehearsal with Nozomi in the rabbit outfit. But Nozomi was very awkward, and fell on the stage.

    [CM break]

    The show started. Just before the show started, Urara told Nozomi that it didn't matter how well they perform, as long as they have fun.

    Nozomi fell on the stage when she made her appearance. Just then Girinma tossed a mask at the tree on the stage, and a kowainaa monster appeared.

    All the girls rushed onto the stage. Coco and Nuts told them to transform, but since everyone was watching the show, they couldn't. Just then Urara rushed to the front of the stage, and told the crowd that a monster had appeared. She told everyone to look up into the sky. Then Karen told the staff to turn the spotlights on, at the crowd. This gave the girls a chance to transform.

    When the girls finished transforming, the crowd saw the PreCure on the stage. The PreCure started fighting against the monster, and the crowd thought that it was all part of the show.

    Mika saw that it was the same girls that had appeared previously, and started taking a lot of photos.

    Eventually the PreCure defeated the monster, and the crowd enjoyed the show.

    Mika took a lot of photos, and thought she had a great story. All the girls thought that their identities might get revealed. But when Mika was walking through the park, she ran into Nuts (in human form).

    The next day at school, Nozomi and Rin saw a big crowd in front of the Cinq Lumiere Tsuushin. They thought that it would be an article about the PreCure. But they saw that it was an article about Mika meeting up with Nuts. There was only a tiny article about Urara's stage show.

    Just then Mr. Washio came running. He told Urara that the amusement part had asked for them to do the same show again.

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