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  • Yes! PreCure 5 episode 13

    Rin-chan no bukatsu kettei!

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2007.06.20
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    Rin was playing soccer (actually futsal) in a park. Rin was helping out because the team needed one more person. But Rin had to cut the practice session short because she had to go help out other sports clubs.


    When Rin got home (flower shop), her younger brother (Yuu) and sister (Ai) came out running. Then a little later, Nozomi came running out of the house too. Nozomi had been trying to take care of Rin's brother and sister.

    Then Karen came to the store to look at the flowers. When Nozomi asked Karen to go watch Rin's futsal match together, Karen mentioned that all of the sports matches will take place on the same day. Rin was shocked, as she was planning on helping out in several of the sports.

    [title screen]

    The next day on the way to school, Rin was walking with Nozomi and Urara. They were talking about the sports matches being held on the same day. Just then, Mika (of Cinq Lumiere Tsuushin) came by, and asked Rin which sport she was going to help out. Before Rin could answer, the girls from the judo, basketball, volleyball, track, kendo, and tennis teams came by. They started arguing, saying that they needed Rin. So Rin couldn't give an answer.

    During lunch Rin was discussing her problem with Nozomi and Urara. Nozomi was disappointed because Rin was very outstanding the previous year. Komachi suggested that Rin choose just one that she really likes. But Rin said that she wants to help out those in need, and she enjoys playing different kinds of sports.

    Meanwhile Gamao was looking at a magazine for work. Since he was hungry, he had to work to make money.

    After school, the girls from various sports clubs were chasing Rin. But Rin ran away from them. Rin ran off to a nearby field where the futsal club was practicing. The futsal club wasn't an official school club, because they didn't have enough members.

    When Rin got home, Yuu and Ai were running around holding Coco and Nuts. Nozomi and Urara were chasing them. Karen and Komachi were also in the store helping out.

    [CM break]

    Later the girls and Yuu and Ai went to the futsal field. Yuu and Ai still were holding onto Coco and Nuts. They were playing (kicking the ball around) with Nozomi and Urara.

    Rin was talking about the futsal team to Karen and Komachi. Karen asked if Rin was going to join the futsal team. Rin said that she had to watch out for her younger brother and sister.

    Then the ball went rolling out of the futsal field. The ball went rolling to a guy who was raking the leaves. The guy was Gamao!

    When Nozomi and Urara went to get the ball, they noticed that it was Gamao. Gamao told Nozomi to give him the dream collet if she wanted the ball back. But Yuu and Ai stepped up and demanded the ball back. When Gamao threw the ball at Yuu and Ai, Rin came and caught the ball.

    Rin told Yuu and Ai to go play far away. Then she went up to Gamao, and scolded him for picking on her younger brother and sister. Then Gamao transformed, and the girls also transformed. Gamao took out a pinky that he had just caught, and turned it into a kowainaa monster.

    Rin fought against Gamao, and the other girls tried to knock the mask off of the monster. Eventually, the PreCure blasted the mask off of the monster. Then just as Cure Rouge blasted Gamao, he escaped.

    After the battle, Rin said that she would refuse the futsal team. She said that she had to watch after Yuu and Ai. But then Yuu and Ai came and told Rin to play futsal. They said that they would start behaving.

    Just then Mika appeared and recorded their conversation. Rin made the headlines in the next day's Cinq Lumiere Tsuushin.

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