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  • Yes! PreCure 5 episode 14

    Nayameru seito kaichou Karen

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2007.06.25
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    Coco was eating a cream puff with Nozomi, Urara, Karen, and Komachi. Just then Rin came by carrying some old soccer balls. She showed the balls to Karen, and Karen said that she should put more air in the balls. But Rin said that the balls had holes in them. She said that her futsal team needed more money to buy balls and other things. Karen said that they must have gotten some money from the school recently. But Rin said that they had used it all, and it wasn't enough.

    Just then the girls from the various other clubs came by, and they all said they needed more money. Then Karen stood up and told everyone that all of the clubs were budgeted a certain amount for the year, and she couldn't increase it that easily.


    At nightmare headquarters, Kawariino was talking to Bunbi. He was looking at the expense report, and said he was surprised at the amount that was used to try to get the dream collet.

    When Bunbi tried to make excuses, Kawariino said that they still had a lot of money left in the budget. But he said that he didn't like to waste money on unnecessary things, and unnecessary groups, and unnecessary people. Bunbi was shocked. Kawariino said that Bunbi wasn't unnecessary.. yet.

    [title screen]

    During lunch, the five girls were eating lunch together. Rin asked Karen again if she couldn't do something about the budget.

    Later Karen went to the principal and asked if the school could do something about the budget for the various clubs. The principal said that it was probably impossible, but he would go ask the chairman.

    After her meeting with the principal, Karen was walking outside. Komachi spotted her, and asked how it went. Karen said that the answer was probably no. But she said she felt like she wanted to do something. Komachi pointed out that Karen had changed. In the past, Karen would just accept that the budget was fixed. But now she wanted to try to help. Karen realized it too. Then Komachi said that there must be something they could do, and suggested that they all think about it together.

    While the girls were trying to come up with an idea, the other girls from all of the clubs came over. They said that there was no way that they could survive on their current budgets. They started getting rowdy. Then Komachi slammed her hand on the table. She said that it was their own clubs, so they had to think harder about how to improve their own situation, before asking for help from Karen.

    Then Rin also came by and said that Komachi was correct. Nozomi got up and suggested that they all line up and say what they need. She said that lunches are better when they exchange foods with each other. Rin said it wasn't the same as lunch, but Karen said they should try it.

    Meanwhile Bunbi arrived at the school.

    [CM break]

    Komachi, Urara, Nozomi, and Karen went around the various clubs to find out what kind of things each club needed. They came up with some ideas to match up the clubs with old things from other clubs. This way each club saved money, and bought only the things that they really needed to buy.

    After the girls got through exchanging the items for the various clubs, they were walking though the school. They were saying how difficult it was without enough in the expense budget.

    Then Bunbi appeared, and said he didn't have much in his budget either. He asked for the dream collet, and the girls transformed.

    Bunbi used his mask (a special mask that he bought with the extra money that he saved by not hiring an underling for this work), and turned some barbells into a monster. The monster attacked and the PreCure fought back. But the monster and Bunbi was getting the upper hand in the battle.

    "Maybe our powers aren't that great individually."
    "But we can combine our ideas and our powers."

    Then the PreCure fought together, and defeated the monster, breaking Bunbi's new mask.

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