Yes! PreCure 5 episode 15

Hustle Nozomi no otetsudai!

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Megumi (Nozomi's mother) was in her store cleaning up, but she had a headache. Rin and her mother came to Megumi's shop, with some flowers. Megumi said that Rin was starting to look a lot like her mother.

Rin asked where Nozomi was, and Megumi said that she was still sleeping.


Megumi returned home early because she wasn't feeling well. Nozomi told her mother to rest, saying that she would take care of the house.

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Meanwhile, Gamao was working at a supermarket. But he fell asleep while working at the cash register. His supervisor yelled at him, and told him to sort the boxes of groceries.

Nozomi was trying to clean up the house, but she was making a mess. Megumi was in her bed trying to rest, but she heard the noises, and became worried..

The other girls were at Natts House. They were wondering where Nozomi was. Then Rin came by, and told everyone that Nozomi's mother was sick. She also told everyone that Nozomi's father was going to be out late, so only Nozomi and her mother was at home. Rin said that Nozomi would try to help out with the housework.. Then everyone realized that they had to go save Nozomi's mother.

Nozomi was trying to make some food for her mother, but she just ended up making a big mess in the kitchen.

Then the doorbell rang. When Nozomi opened the door, it was Rin's mother.

Rin's mother had brought some dinner for Nozomi and Megumi. She saw the mess that Nozomi had created, and cleaned up. Then she suggested that they make some rice soup with egg for Megumi. But Nozomi saw that they had run out of eggs, so she went to the supermarket.

At the supermarket, Gamao spotted Nozomi.

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While Nozomi was away, Rin's mother was talking with Megumi. She said that Nozomi was trying very hard, but she reminded her of Megumi when she was young. But Rin's mother said that Nozomi was much better, as Megumi had tried to wash the dishes in the washing machine when she was younger.

At the supermarket, Nozomi ran into Rin and the other girls. Just when they were talking, Gamao turned out the lights, and asked for the dream collet.

Gamao tossed the mask, and turned a cash register into a kowainaa monster. Then the girls transformed, and fought Gamao and the monster.

The PreCure eventually defeated the monster.

After the battle, all the girls went to Nozomi's house. The girls told the mothers to take it easy, saying they would take care of the house.

The mothers went to Megumi's room, and the girls started cooking. But the mothers heard a glass break. Urara had dropped a glass, and she told everyone that she wasn't good at housework.

Meanwhile, Nozomi cracked the eggs, and the shells went into the bowl. Rin said that she had to take them out, but Karen said that it was ok as it had lots of calcium. Rin couldn't believe it.

Then Komachi started cutting the youkan (Japanese sweet dessert). She said that sweet things were good for people who were sick.

The mothers overheard the conversation, and they heard Coco and Nuts. They got worried and started to go to the kitchen, but Nozomi told them that everything was ok.

Megumi said that she was going to rest, and Rin's mother said that she might be getting sick too..

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