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  • Yes! PreCure 5 episode 17

    Junjou otome no koi monogatari

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2007.08.22
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    At Nuts' store, everything was sold out. The girls were at the store, and they saw Rin making some accessory out of beads. She was concentrating very hard, and wasn't letting anything interrupt her. When she finished, Rin said that the bracelet was cute.

    Nozomi thought something was wrong, as Rin usually don't wear accessories.


    Rin was wearing the bracelet that she made. She looked at herself in the mirror, and started acting cute. The other girls thought that something was wrong. Nozomi said that Rin was like this once before.

    Then Rin left Nuts' store, and went home. But she forgot her sports bag. The other girls were shocked, as Rin would usually never forget something so important.

    [title screen]

    At Nightmare headquarters, Bunbi was making Girinma sign a form It was a form saying that Girinma will quit the company. Girinma was shocked, but Bunbi said that they didn't have enough money to pay workers who couldn't get the work done.

    The girls went to Rin's store to return the bag to her. They saw Rin talking to a customer, a guy. When the customer left, the girls went up to Rin, and Rin was surprised to see them.

    Rin asked why everyone came. Nozomi said that everyone was worried about Rin, because she usually doesn't wear accessories. Nozomi said that the last time Rin wore accessories was when there was a boy she liked. But Rin quickly covered Nozomi's mouth.

    Then everyone said that the customer that they saw looked like a nice guy. Nozomi suggested that Rin go deliver the flowers right away. She and the others said that they would take care of the store while Rin was away.

    Rin left. A little while later, Nozomi said that she was worried about Rin. She said that Rin always changed when she was in front of a guy. Rin couldn't speak at all. Then the other girls also said that they were worried. They all decided to go, and left Coco and Nuts in charge of Rin's flower shop.

    When Rin got to the customer's house, she couldn't decide what to say, and how to act. Just stood around outside thinking about what to do.

    [CM break]

    Rin couldn't bring herself to ring the doorbell. The other girls were watching from the bushes, and they were surprised at how different Rin was from her usual self.

    Just then the window opened, as the guy opened the window to water some flowers. Rin was surprised. She gave the flowers to the guy. Rin was about to give the guy a bracelet too, but suddenly a girl appeared from the house. It was the guy's girl friend! Then Rin decided to give the bracelet and her own bracelet to the couple.

    Then Rin ran off. Nozomi was going to go after her, but Karen told her to let her be for a while.

    Rin was sitting in a park by herself, crying. Then Girinma came by. Then the other girls also came by.

    Girinma transformed, and the girls also transformed. Girinma threw his mask at the water fountain, and turned it into a kowainaa monster. The PreCure fought the monster.

    Eventually the PreCure defated the monster, and Girinma escaped.

    Coco and Nuts had also come to the battle. After the battle, Rin realized that there was nobody at Rin's store.

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