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    Watashi kawarimasu! Kawatte misemasu!

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2010.03.20
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    Cure Moonlight was fighting against a dark enemy, who used similar attacks as the PreCure. Cure Moolight's duty was to protect the Kokoro no Taiju (the great tree of hearts). Two fairies, who looked like cute stuffed animals, were watching.

    The dark fighter defeated Cure Moonlight, but the Kokoro no Taiju didn't die. All the leaves fell off, but the tree was still standing.

    Dark fighter attacked Cure Moonlight again. Moonlight told the fairies, Sipre and Kofre to give the kokoro perfume to the next PreCure. "Find my replacement!"

    Then Tsubomi woke up from her dream. She said that she kept seeing the same dream over and over.


    Tsubomi moved to a new neighborhood (Kibougahana) to live with her grandmother. Tsubomi's parents were going to open a flower shop. Tsubomi was a very shy and introverted girl who wore glasses. But she wanted to use this chance to change herself.

    At school, Tsubomi had to introduce herself to the class. She was determined to change. But she couldn't. Instead of writing her name very big on the black board, she wrote her name very small, and introduced herself in a very low voice.

    A girl called Erika, who was sitting in the very last row, talked in a very loud voice, and pointed out that she couldn't see Tsubomi's name on the board, or hear her. Tsubomi ended up sitting next to Erika. Tsubomi was shocked, as she didn't like girls like Erika.

    Later on, when Tsubomi was walking down the hall, she heard Erika shouting in a classroom. Erika was the head of the school's fashion club, but all of the other members said they were leaving. So that left Erika as the only member of the club.

    Since the club would be demoted if she couldn't find replacement members, Erika grabbed Tsubomi and begged her to join the fashion club. But Tsubomi said that she wanted to join the flower arrangement club.

    [eye catch]

    After school, Tsubomi noticed that Erika was following her. She thought Erika was still after her for the fashion club. Then she confronted her. But Erika said her house was in the same direction.

    When Tsubomi got home she noticed Erika was still next to her. Then Erika shouted out that the shop Fairy Drop was her home. It turned out that Erika lived next door to Tsubomi.

    Erika introduced herself to Tsubomi's mother, who was watering some flowers outside of their flower shop. Erika "borrowed" Tsubomi and forcefully took her to her shop. Erika said that she would help "change" Tsubomi. She changed Tsubomi's hair style, and gave her a pink one piece that she had made herself. But Tsubomi got mad and left.

    Just then Erika's older sister (Momoka) came out and said that it was Erika's fault, for forcing herself onto others. Then Erika got mad at Momoka. Erika was jealous of Momoka, who was a high school student, very pretty, and a fashion model.

    Meanwhile, two white fluffy animals (fairies) were flying. They sensed the presence of bad guys (sabaku no shito). They wanted to go see Cure Flower.

    Tsubomi saw the dream about Cure Moonlight again. She went outside. Then the fairies fell out of sky, and landed on Tsubomi. The fairies told Tsubomi that they were trying to escape from bad guys. Tsubomi was surprised that the stuffed animals spoke.

    A strange woman came. The fairies quickly hid inside Tsubomi's shirt. The woman asked Tsubomi if she didn't see any fairies. After the woman left, the fairies said that the woman was Sasorina, a bad guy who steal people's hearts.

    The fairies introduced themselves to Tsubomi. The fairies were Sipre (white and pink) and Kofre (white and blue). The fairies asked Tsubomi to take them to Cure Flower.

    Then the woman went to Erika, and asked her if she saw the fairies. The woman noticed that the flower in Erika's heart was feeling depressed. The woman used her magic to pull the flower of the heart out of Erika. A long crystal and a small ball came out of Erika. The crystal had the flower of the heart. The ball had the human who had the flower taken out of them.

    Sasorina kept the crystal and tossed the ball. The fairies said that if they don't get the flower back, the human can never return.

    Tsubomi went up to Sasorina and asked for the flower back. Sasorina used her magic to turn a stuffed doll which was lying on the ground into a monster, called a dezatorian.

    The monster attacked Tsubomi. While attacking, the dezatorian shouted Erika's worries. The dezatorian shouted that she tries hard, but she can't become like her older sister Momoka. Tsubomi realized that this was Erika's worries.

    Sasorina told the fairies that she wanted the kokoro perfume. She told the dezatorian to attack.

    Then Tsubomi got mad. The kokoro perfume (a magical perfume container that Sipre was hiding) started flashing as it reacted to Tsubomi.

    The fairies decided to give the kokoro perfume to Tsubomi. They said that it was an item used for the transformation. The fairies told Tsubomi to say, "PreCure open my heart!"

    Then Sipre gave Tsubomi the PreCure seed, and Tsubomi shouted out the magical words. Tsubomi transformed into a PreCure. After Tsubomi became a PreCure, the fairies asked her to choose her name. Tsubomi thought about it, and said that she will be Cure Blossom.

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