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  • Heartcatch PreCure! episode 3

    Futarime no PreCure ha Yarukimanman desu!

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2010.03.23
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    Tsubomi saw a dream, that she was saved by a cool guy. The guy hugged her, but Tsubomi pushed him away. Then Tsubomi woke up, and pushed the two fairies away.

    While Tsubomi was sitting on her bed, Erika called to her from next door through the open window. She asked if Tsubomi didn't have to get dressed for school.

    Tsubomi took off her glasses and changed her hairstyle. This was her new image.

    At school, Tsubomi and Erika were eating lunch together. Erika told Tsubomi that she saw a strange dream, about the PreCure. It was the same dream as Tsubomi. Then the fairies (who were hiding) came out. They said that Erika can become a PreCure.

    Tsubomi explained to Erika about the PreCure. She told Erika that she was a PreCure. Then Kofre asked Erika to become his partner.

    Just then the student council president came to the room. He asked Erika to hand in the names of the fashion club members. Then he left right away.

    Erika told Tsubomi that she was too busy to become a PreCure right now. But Tsubomi just thought the student council president was very cool.

    Meanwhile at the bad guys headquarters, Sasorina told her boss about the PreCure. She said Cure Blossom was very weak, so she can take care of it by herself.

    Erika was trying to recruit people for the fashion club. She went to the first year students class. One girl said that she didn't want to join a weak club as the fashion club.

    Later outside, Erika and Tsubomi saw the same girl. A boy was telling her that girls couldn't join the soccer team. Then Erika went up to the girl and asked her to join the fashion club. But the girl ran off.

    The girl (Sayaka) was practicing soccer by herself. Sasorina saw her saddened heart, and took her heart flower. Then she created a soccer ball dezatorian.

    The fairies noticed the dezatorian, and grabbed the crystal ball. The dezatorian started attacking the boys who were playing soccer.

    Then Tsubomi transformed. Erika was watching, and said the PreCure was cute and cool.

    Cure Blossom fought against the dezatorian. Erika was watching, and realized that Tsubomi was fighting to protect others. The kokoro perfume was responding to Erika.

    Then just as Cure Blossom was going to get beaten, Erika transformed. Erika said that she was able to transform because she saw it in her dream. She said her name was Cure Marin. Then she defeated the dezatorian.

    Sasorina was going to fight, but she saw the two PreCure together and decided to leave.

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