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  • Heartcatch PreCure! episode 4

    Hayaku mo PreCure combi kaisan desuka?

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2010.08.22
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    The PreCure were fighting against a monster. Cure Blossom saw a little boy that was in danger, and tried to save him. But she lost her stick. Cure Marin came and saved everyone. After the monster was defeated, Kumojacky gave Cure Blossom her stick back.

    At the bad guy's headquarters Sasorina and Kumojacky were talking with Sabark. Kumojacky said that he can take care of the PreCure by himself.

    Tsubomi lost confidence in herself as a PreCure. She thought Erika was much better than herself. In school, Erika was much better at sports. She was also very popular with the other kids.

    After school Erika took Tsubomi to her house, the Fairy Drop store. She explained that the first floor had accessories, and the second floor had clothes.

    Erika choose clothes for Tsubomi, saying they should wear nice clothes when they are recruiting for the fashion club. But Tsubomi said that the clothes that Erika chose for her was too flashy. Tsubomi picked out some clothes herself, but Erika said it was too dark. Erika asked if Tsubomi was feeling depressed, and Tsubomi said that she was. Then Erika grabbed Tsubomi and said that they should go run outside.

    When they were outside, Tsubomi and Erika saw Mao and Ayumi. Erika explained that they were the tennis doubles duo who went to the national championships. But Ayumi went off to practice by herself. Mao thought she was being left alone.

    Then Erika suggested to Mao that they break up and find another partner. These words hit Tsubomi hard. She thought that those were Erika's feelings toward their PreCure group. Then Tsubomi suddenly left, saying that Erika can team up with someone else.

    Later Erika was in a park trying to figure out what was going on with Tsubomi. Momoka happened to be in the same park. She was there on a photo shoot. Momoka told Erika that she talks too much without thinking of other people's feelings.

    Meanwhile Tsubomi went crying to Koppe. She said that she wasn't good enough to be a PreCure.

    Mao was practicing tennis by herself, and Kumojacky saw Mao's saddened heart. He took it and created a dezatorian from a tennis court roller.

    When Tsubomi was crying, her grandmother came to her. She told her that a PreCure needed a kind heart, strong heart, and gentle feelings. She needed to persevere in difficult situations. Tsubomi's grandmother said Tsubomi had that kind of heart.

    Then the fairies came told them that the dezatorian had appeared.

    Tsubomi rushed to the scene, and Tsubomi and Erika transformed together for the first time. Erika said she liked Tsubomi. She said she wanted Tsubomi to be her partner. Then they fought together to defeat the dezatorian.

    They used a new attack together, "PreCure floral power fortessimo."

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