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  • Heartcatch PreCure! episode 6

    Scoop! PreCure no shoutai barechaimasu!?

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2010.04.03
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    Tsubomi was watering the flowers in the morning before classes started.

    Tsubomi and Erika heard Myoudouin Itsuki (the student council president) practicing aikidou in the gym. They went to watch. Just then a girl with a camera barged in, and started taking pictures of Myoudouin. But the other members kicked her out, and slammed the door.

    Erika explained to Tsubomi that the girl was Tada Kanae, a girl who loved to take scoop photos.

    At school, Tsubomi and Erika's classmates were talking about the PreCure.

    Kanae came and told everyone that she has posted new photos on the bulletion board in the hallway. She was very proud of her photos. But there were a lot of embarassing photos of various students.

    There was a photo of Daichi (a boy on the soccer team) getting hit in the face by a soccer ball. There was also photo of Erika falling in the snow. They complained the photos, but Kanae said it makes people laugh.

    Meanwhile Tsubomi was drooling over the photos of Myoudouin Itsuki. Then Kanae said she would get photos of the PreCure next.

    Later the fairies told Tsubomi and Erika that it would be a problem if people found out that they were the PreCure. But when they asked what would happen, the fairies said that it was a secret.

    Meanwhile Kanae was going around asking people about their PreCure sightings. But all of the students said that they had only seen the PreCure in their dreams. Then Kanae went to the Hanasaki Botanical Garden. The fairies were worried that Kanae might find out about the PreCure.

    Kanae talked to Tsubomi's grandmother. Grandmother said that she would show Kanae many beautiful flowers. But Kanae said she wasn't interested in flowers. She said was looking for the PreCure. Grandmother said that she never heard of a flower called PreCure. Kanae said that the PreCure was a legendary fighter who battles against monsters. But grandmother said she didn't know and Kanae left.

    The fairies were hiding inside Koppe. They felt relieved after Kanae left. But grandmother was worried about Kanae's flower of the heart.

    At the desert people headquarters, Sabark was getting upset that they didn't defeat the PreCure yet. Then Sasorina said she would defeat them.

    Sipre told Tsubomi that Kanae had come to the green house. Tsubomi got worried. She decided to go talk to Erika. Just as they were going, they saw Kanae walking down the street. Tsubomi thought Kanae had found out their identities. Kanae went into Erika's house. Tsubomi thought Kanae found out about Erika being a PreCure.

    Tsubomi rushed to Erika's house. She went upstairs, and saw Erika and her father with Kanae. Erika's father was looking at Kanae's camera. Erika's father (Kurumi Ryuunosuke) was a world famous cameraman, and Kanae wanted to be like him.

    Kanae told Ryuunosuke that she wanted to take many scoop photos. But he was looking at Kanae's photos (that were in the digital camera), and said that a good photo must make both the viewer and target happy. Ryuunosuke said that Kanae's photos were missing love. He said that love was the most important thing when taking photos of people. Then Erika warned her father about talking too much.

    Kanae left Erika's house feeling saddened. Sipre was worried about Kanae's flower of the heart.

    Kane was a a park by herself feeling down. Then Sasorina came and took her flower of the heart. She created a dezatorian from Kanae's camera.

    The dezatorian attacked some boys where to playing soccer. The monter took "photos" of the boys, and turned them into stone.

    Tsubomi and Erika saw the monster and transformed.

    The PreCure fought the dezatorian. Cure Blossom was on the ground, and the dezatorian was going to snap a photo of her. But Cure Marin rushed and stood in front of Blossom. The dezatorian turned Marin into stone.

    Then the fairied told blossom to use one of the heart seeds. The red heart seed gave special speed to Cure Blossom. It made Blossom "glow" in a red color. It also made her run around fast enough to avoid the dezatorian's attacks, and Blossom eventually defeated the monster.

    Later, Kanae realized that her photos didn't have enough love.

    The next day Kanae thanked Tsubomi, and gave her a present. It was a photo of Myoudouin. Kanae said that she would get a photo of the PreCure next.

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