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  • Heartcatch PreCure! episode 7

    Akogare no seitokaichou! Otomegokoro ha kakusemasen!

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2010.04.11
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    Tsubomi was dreaming during class. She was staring at a photo of Myoudouin. The teacher stared at Tsubomi, and Erika warned Tsubomi. Then the teacher picked on Erika to translate. Tsubomi spoke out and said that she would translate, and Tsubomi translated well.

    The classmates were saying how smart Tsubomi was. She was good in English and science. Tsubomi said it was because of her grandmother, who was the director of the botanical gardens.

    Then Myoudouin came into the room. He told Erika that if she didn't turn in the member list of the fashion club, he would have to eliminate the club.

    Erika was worried because she had to find three more members for the club during that day. Just then she asked the three classmates that were talking to Tsubomi, Toshiko, Naomi, and Rumiko.

    Erika said that she would give them a discount at her store (20% off). But they still didn't join. Then Erika offered the Fairy Drop fashionable notebook. Finally the three girls said that they would join.

    After school, Erika and Tsubomi went to the student council office to turn in the roster of the fashion club. But Myoudouin had already gone home. The other student council members said that they had already decided that the fashion club would be disbanded. Erika was shocked. She was determined to talk to Myoudouin.

    Later Erika and Tsubomi went to Myoudouin's house, which was a huge, traditional Japanese style mansion. Myoudouin was practicing some martial arts in the house doujou.

    Erika and Tsubomi waited for Myoudouin to finish. They were watching, and Tsubomi fell in love with Myoudouin. Erika noticed and told her that she shouldn't fall in love with Myoudouin.

    After practice, Myoudouin went to Erika. Erika and Tsubomi told him that they had the roster ready. But Myoudouin said that it had already been decided. Erika and Tsubomi pleaded. They said they had to do their classroom cleanup duties before they were able to turn in the roster. Then Myoudouin said that he would talk to the other student council members.

    Just then one of the house staff brought some tea for Myoudouin. He called her "Itsuki ojou-sama" (dear daughter Itsuki). Tsubomi was shocked. Then Erika told her that everyone knew that Myoudouin was a girl. She said she told Tsubomi not to fall for "him".

    Later Itsuki was walking with her older brother, who was in a wheelchair. Because Itsuki's brother was physically weak, Itsuki had to be the heir of the Myoudouin martial arts family.

    Itsuki said that she had decided to look after her brother forever. She said she was satisfied with her life. But her brother told Itsuki not to over do it.

    At the bad guys headquarters, Cobraja said that he would go defeat the PreCure.

    The next day Tsubomi got sick and took a day off from school. Finding out about Itsuki made her sick.

    At school when Itsuki arrived, a few girls went up to her and gave her presents. Cobraja was watching and said he couldn't forgive there being a boy that was prettier than himself.

    Then Cobraja noticed that Itsuki's heart was feeling a little down.

    Itsuki hid and hugged the stuffed rabbit that she had received. She didn't want the other students to know her real feelings. Then Cobraja came by and said that Itsuki was acting like a girl. He attacked, and cut off one of the rabbit's ears. Then he stole Itsuki's flower of the heart.

    Erika arrived at school and saw Itsuki get attacked. Cobraja created a dezatorian out of a school statue. Then Erika transformed.

    The dezatorian shot out beams to turn people into stone. The dezatorian attacked students at random, saying she wanted to wear cute school uniforms like the girls. Then the dezatorian (Itsuki) said that she was a girl. Cobraja was shocked.

    Sipre showed Tsubomi what was going on with a crystal ball. Then Tsubomi went to fight with Cure Marin.

    Cure Marin was fighting the dezatorian. The dezatorian kicked Cobraja away, saying she liked cute things and wanted to do girly things.

    Then Cure Blossom arrived. The PreCure together saved Itsuki.

    Later Tsubomi asked Itsuki to join the fashion club, saying it will take her mind off of the other stressful things.

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