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  • Heartcatch PreCure! episode 8

    Charisma model no tameiki! tte nazedesuka?

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2010.04.12
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    When Erika woke up, Momoka and mother were very busy. Momoka had a photo shoot so she wanted to pick her clothes. Mother told her to go, as she will bring the new clothes later. Erika was very jealous of Momoka and argued with her.

    At school Tsubomi showed Erika a fashion magazine that she bought. There were many pictures of a cute fashion model named Momoka. Then Erika told Tsubomi that Momoka was her older sister. Erika also said their mother was a model too. So she thought she would also be a model. But it was only her sister that became a model. Then Tsubomi recalled what the dezatorian (Erika) said when it was attacking.

    Meanwhile Momoka returned to her school after her work. When she went into the classroom everyone stared at her, like a cute pet. Momoka ate lunch alone. Then her friend Yuri came by and gave her the notes for the morning classes.

    After school at an outdoor crepe shop, the fashion club members held their meeting. Erika showed off her fashion sketches to the other girls. She told the other girls to draw their own and then they can make their own clothes.

    Momoka was nearby and saw Erika. Then some of the people nearby noticed Momoka and everyone gathered around her, taking photos and asking for autographs.

    Tsubomi and the fashion club members also said that Momoka was very cute. Erika was feeling very jealous of her sister.

    That night Erika asked Momoka if they can go watch her photo session. All of the other girls had begged Erika to ask her sister. Then Momoka said she would if Erika would show her the drawings in the sketchbook. Erika was very embarrassed, but she showed Momoka.

    Meanwhile Kumojacky told Sabaak that he will go defeat the PreCure.

    The next day, Erika, Tsubomi, and the others went to Momoka's photo shoot. There was already a big crowd there. Erika told the staff that she was Momoka's sister, but he didn't believe her. Then Momoka came and said that Erika was really her sister.

    Erika, Tsubomi, and the others got to stand inside the roped off area to watch the photo shoot. Momoka saw Erika goofing off with her friends and thought that she was having a good time. This made Momoka feel a little depressed.

    Then Kumojacky came and took Momoka's saddened heart. He created a dezatorian from Momoka's make up items.

    The dezatorian attacked, and Tsubomi and Erika transformed.

    The dezatorian (Momoka) said her true feelings. She said she wanted to play with friends just like Erika.

    Kumojacky wanted the dezatorian to keep fighting until her flower completely withered away.

    Cure Marin (Erika) was mad at herself for not noticing her sister's feelings earlier. But she was very determined to save Momoka.

    The PreCure won, and recovered Momoka.

    Later when they were walking home, Momoka said her dream of becoming a model came true. But her next dream was to make a lot of friends like Erika.

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