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  • Heartcatch PreCure! episode 9

    Scout sareta otousan! Ohanayasan wo yamechaimasu!?

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2010.04.13
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    Mr Obata, a former student of Tsubomi's father, came to the flower shop and said that he was able to get a job at his first choice company. Erika and Tsubomi were nearby listening.

    Obata said he had come to ask Tsubomi's father to come join his company. Tsubomi was shocked.

    Later Erika was asking about Tsubomi's parents. Tsubomi said that her mother used to work at a flower company Red Florian. Erika was surprised as that was a very famous florist. Then Tsubomi told the story of how her parents met at a flower garden and got married within one month.

    That night Tsubomi's mother made nikujaga for Tsubomi, which was one of her favorite foods. But Tsubomi didn't look too happy. Then she asked about Obata's company. Tsubomi's father said that he had refused the offer. He said he was more interested in running the flower shop. Tsubomi's mother said that she was happy to be at home so the whole family can eat dinner together.

    The next day at school, Tsubomi ran into Obata. He had been waiting for her. Obata asked Tsubomi to talk to her father about joining his company.

    Meanwhile Cobraja was lying in a sand sauna for his beauty. A couple of his underlings (Snacky) told him that Sabark had called. Sabark wanted Cobraja to hurry up and defeat the PreCure. Cobraja didn't want to go, but the Snacky talked him into it.

    Tsubomi and Erika took Obata to the greenhouse. He told Tsubomi that he needed the help of her father to create new flowers that can sell well, so he wanted her to convince him to join his company. Erika asked Tsubomi to explain why she was feeling so sad.

    Just then Tsubomi's grandmother came. She told the story of Tsubomi's father and mother when they were younger. They were both very busy with work. They went out all over. So they left Tsubomi at home, and she was raised by her grandmother. Tsubomi always showed her parents a smile, but she was really lonely. Then when Tsubomi's parents realized Tsubomi's loneliness, they decided to quit their jobs and start a flower shop so they can all live together.

    Obata was feeling dejected. Then Cobraja came, and attacked him. He made a dezatorian out of a cell phone, and the monster let out a very loud phone ring.

    Tsubomi and Erika transformed.

    The dezatorian used sound wave attacks, and blasted Cure Marin.

    The dezatorian said that he wanted to do research. That was his (Obata's) dream. But he couldn't tell his boss, or he might get fired.

    The dezatorian kept attacking, but eventually Cure Blossom and Cure Marin together defeated the dezatorian.

    Later Obata said that he would give up on recruiting Tsubomi's father.

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