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  • Heartcatch PreCure! episode 12

    Dokki doki desu! Propose daisakusen!

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2010.11.04
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    Erika's mother called to ask Tsubomi's mother to go on a barbeque with them to Kibougamori, which was the forest area near their city.

    Just then a male customer came to the flower shop, and Tsubomi's mother hung up the phone. A female customer had also come to Fairy Drop.

    The guy asked for flower that blooms forever. At the same time, the girl asked for a dress that would make her be loved the most in the world.

    The guy was a regular customer of the flower shop, Toshioka Yuuto. He said he was going to propose with the flower. But he was very sad. He thought his girlfriend didn't like him any more. Then Tsubomi asked Toshioka to come to the barbeque with them, and bring his girl friend.

    Meanwhile the girl who came to Fairy Drop, named Shibata Lisa, was discussing her worries with Erika's family. She thought that her boy friend didn't like her any more. Then Erika asked Lisa to come to the barbeque with them, and bring her boy friend.

    At the desert people headquarters, Cobraja was complaining that the battle against the PreCure was making his skin watery. Then Sabark appeared on a monitor and told him to turn the world into a desert by defeating the PreCure.

    Toshioka and Lisa came to the barbeque together. Erika and Tsubomi realized that the two were just having a misunderstanding.

    Erika wanted to tell them and have them make up right away. But Tsubomi said they had to move carefully because this had Toshioka's proposal riding on it.

    When Erika's father asked Erika and Tsubomi to go to the high bridge over the river, Tsubomi came up with a plan. She thought that the nervousness of the bridge might feel like the throbbing of love, and that might get Toshioka and Lisa together.

    They went to the bridge, but Tsubomi was afraid of heights. Erika was getting upset that Toshioka and Lisa weren't talking to each other. Then everyone else left the bridge, and left the two alone.

    Toshioka tried talk to Lisa. But it wasn't going to well. Then Lisa finally built up her courage to talk to Toshioka.

    Tsubomi and Erika were watching from a distance. Just as Lisa was going to say something, cobraja appeared. He took Lisa's heart flower, and created a dezatorian out of water.

    Tsubomi and Erika transformed into the PreCure, and fought.

    When they were fighting, Cure Marin got caught in water bubble formed by the dezatorian. She couldn't breathe. But the fairies punched a straw to her, and enabled Marin to breathe.

    Eventually, Cure Blossom blasted the dezatorian and saved Marin and Lisa.

    After Toshioka returned Lisa's heart flower, he said, "Let's get married."

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