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  • Heartcatch PreCure! episode 14

    Namida no haha no hi! Kazoku no egao mamorimasu!

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2010.11.06
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    Erika had to eat bread for her lunch because her mother had overslept and couldn't make her bento. It was close to mothers day, so there was a sale at Fairy Drop and Erika's mother was very busy.

    After Tsubomi gave Erika some food from her own bento, Erika went around the classroom saying that she would accept all unwanted food from her classmates. Then she saw that her classmate Shiku Nami had a very cute bento.

    Tsubomi said that Nami's mother must be very good at cooking. But Erika pointed out that Nami didn't have a mother. Tsubomi quickly apologized, but Nami said that Tsubomi shouldn't worry about it.

    Nami said that she made the bento herself, and she made it cute because her little sister wanted a cute bento.

    Later Nami went to the fashion club to get an accessory from Erika. Nami wasn't in any clubs, because she had to take care of her younger sister.

    Later Nami and Rumi (her younger sister) were out shopping. Nami was acting like Rumi's mother in addition to being her older sister.

    Rumi said she wanted a carnation flower, so they went to Tsubomi's shop.

    At home Nami took care of all of the housework and acted as Rumi's mother. But Rumi became saddened because their real mother wasn't there, and started crying. Nami tried to comfort Rumi but she didn't stop crying. Even when their father came home, Rumi kept crying.

    At the desert people headquarters, Cobraja took out some flowers and showed Sasorina. She thought the flowers were for her. But Cobraja said that the flowers were for himself. Sasorina got very mad, and said that she wanted to beat up on the PreCure.

    Rumi was still crying, and ran out of the house. Nami went after her. When Nami caught Rumi, she scolded her. But Rumi slapped Nami. Then Nami left Rumi by herself. Nami walked off and started crying.

    Sasorina came, and took Nami's flower of the heart. She created a dezatorian from one of the snacky and garbage can and broom. Rumi had seen this and she went crying to the crystal ball containing Nami.

    Tsubomi and Erika were walking down the street and they saw Rumi crying with the ball.

    Tsubomi and Erika transformed, and fought the dezatorian.

    Rumi saw everything, the transformation and the fairies. Rumi watched the battle with the fairies.

    The dezatorian used the snacky in the battle. The dezatorian was winning, but the PreCure eventually won.

    Rumi brought the crystal ball to the PreCure and they returned Nami back to her body.

    When Nami woke up, Rumi was there crying for her.

    The next day Nami and Rumi were walking together. They walked by Tsubomi and Erika's house. Nami showed Erika a fashion design that she drew. She said that she was always interested in fashion. Nami said although she wouldn't be able to participate everyday, she wanted to join the fashion club.

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