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  • Heartcatch PreCure! episode 20

    Dai 3 no Yoisei! Popuri ha kawaii akachan desu!

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2010.08.13
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    The fairies sleeping were inside Koppe's fur. Then suddenly something inside Koppe's stomach lit up. It was the bottle of heart seeds.

    Meanwhile at the kokoro no taiju, a new fairy was born.

    Sabark got a call from Dune. (There was no picture, just voice.) Dune asked about Sabark's mission of turning the world into a desert. Sabark said that a new PreCure had appeared and things weren't going well. Then Dune gave Sabark some advice. He said that when he lost to Cure Flower in the past, it was because she had found something. He didn't know what it was, but he said that Sabark had to prevent the PreCure from getting that something. Dune said that there must be some hint about it at the kokoro no taiju.

    When Tsubomi was in Erika's room, Momoka asked her to be a model because the regular model who always acted as Momoka's younger sister couldn't. Tsubomi was shocked, and she said she couldn't.

    Then Erika said that she was Momoka's real sister so she can be the model. But Momoka said that Tsubomi was the exact height for the model role. Erika said that she would help out, and Tsubomi reluctantly agreed.

    Dark PreCure went to the kokoro no taiju. It was covered by clouds. But she blasted the clouds and found the taiju. Then just when Dark PreCure tried to blast the taiju, a force field formed around the tree, created by the baby fairy.

    Tsubomi was with Momoka at Kibougahana Studio, doing the photo shoot. Tsubomi was very nervous and her face was very stiff.

    Karin (a young girl who was supposed to be Momoka's sister model) came to take a peek at the shooting. When Momoka spotted her, she ran away. Then Momoka went after her.

    Meanwhile, Sabark and Dark PreCure couldn't believe there was another fairy. They thought the fairy might be the thing that they were looking for. Sabark told Dark PreCure to catch the fairy.

    Dark PreCure kept blasting, but the force field was holding. When the baby fairy thought he couldn't keep it up any longer, the tree told him to escape. Then he went into a ball of light and flew away. Dark PreCure was going to go after him, but Sabark told her to wait. He said that he'll have Sasorina go after it. Sabark told Dark PreCure to go investigate the tree.

    Sabark called for his underlings. Kumojacky and Cobraja were there. They said Sasorina had already gone to earth after the PreCure. Sabark told Kumojacky and Cobraja about the new fairy. He told them to go catch the fairy.

    The baby fairy was crying, and flying over Kibougahana. Sipre and Koffre were at Kibougahana Studio, but they heard the cries of the baby fairy. They went out to look for the fairy.

    Momoka told Erika and Tsubomi about what happened in the past. During the photo shoots, Karin had tried to stand out by herself. Momoka warned her that the fashion models were just there to make the clothes look good. But Karin snapped back that Momoka didn't understand her feelings because she comes from a family where her father was a famous photographer and her mother was a model.

    Karin was walking outside, and feeling very upset that they had found a replacement for her.

    Sasorina was looking for someone to steal the heart flower. She spotted Karin at a store window looking at clothes. Then Sasorina took Karin's heart flower. Sasorina thought about what dezatorian to create, and decided to base it on a fashion mannequin.

    Sasorina told the dezatorian to attack, but the dezatorian ran off. The dezatorian went to the photo studio, to go after Momoka.

    When Tsubomi and Erika heard the noise, they transformed.

    The dezatorian went after Momoka, saying she couldn't forgive her. The PreCure fought the dezatorian, and said that Momoka had worked hard to become a model. They knocked the dezatorian down, and was going to finish it off. But just then Kumojacky and Cobraja appeared.

    Kumojacky and Cobraja grabbed the PreCure from behind. They told Sasorina that they were just passing by looking for the new fairy. Then they blasted the PreCure into the wall. Just when Kumojacky and Cobraja were going to finish off the PreCure, the baby fairy came and created a force field. It deflected the attack, and the blasts bounced back at Kumojacky and Cobraja. Cobraja got hit in the face, and they quickly chickened out.

    The baby fairy went to the PreCure, and told them his name was Popuri. Then the dezatorian attacked again. But the PreCure got mad and defeated the dezatorian.

    Tsubomi and Erika brought the unconscious Karin to the studio. Everyone told Karin that Momoka was the one that trusted Karin the most. Then Karin apologized.

    Later when Tsubomi and Erika were walking home, they thanked Popuri for protecting them. Sipre and Koffre said that Popuri had the power of "protection". Then Tsubomi and Erika realized that there was going to be another, third PreCure.

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