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  • Heartcatch PreCure! episode 21

    Yousei Adventure! PreCure scout sakusen desu!

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2010.09.06
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    At the desert people headquarters, Sabark was upset that Cobraja, Kumojacky, and Sasorina couldn't catch the new fairy. Sasoruna said that she underestimated it since it was so small. Then Cobraja asked Sabark to let him go get the fairy by himself. He was determined to get revenge for the scar that the fairy put on his face.

    At the greenhouse, Tsubomi and Erika introduced Popuri to grandmother. Popuri said they had to find the third PreCure quicky. He said that the tree was in danger because it was being attacked by the desert people. He tried, using his power of "protection", but he couldn't protect the tree by himself.

    Popuri asked grandma to be a PreCure, but she said that Koppe was her partner.

    The fairies got in a disguise (all three fairies combined into one tall human-like figure) and tried to find the next PreCure. They said that they were a scout.

    The fairies went to school to look for their candidate.

    They looked inside Tsubomi and Erika's classroom. They saw Tsurusaki-sensei teaching and thought she would be a good PreCure. Then Tsurusaki thought she saw someone outside and opened the door. The fairies quickly hid. But the next time she looked, she was standing face to face with the fairies. Tsurusaki-sensei screamed out and the fairies ran off.

    The fairies went outside, and they ran into Kanae who was taking photos of flowers. They asked if she wanted to be a PreCure, and Kanae said she did. But Kanae's real reason was because she wanted to find the real PreCure. Then the faires asked her if she ever saw a dream about the big tree. When Kanae said that she hadn't they said that she was disqualified.

    The fairies ran into Sayaka. Popuri said that she would be good as she can use a soccer ball in her attack. But since Sayaka hadn't seen the dream she couldn't be a PreCure either. Then Kanae came chasing the fairies, so they escaped as fast as they could. Kanae noticed that the scoutman was floating/flying in the air.

    Next the fairies ran into Ban. He was by himself trying some PreCure poses. He said he was trying to find a good pose for the third PreCure in his manga. When Popuri said Ban can be the third PreCure, the other fairies told him to imagine Ban (a boy) as a PreCure. Popiri quickly said no, and the fairies flew away.

    Kanae came and took photos of the scoutman. She said that it must be a ghost. Then Itsuki came and said there was a suspicious intruder in the school.

    Later Kanae posted her photos and said it must be a ghost. Then Tsurusaki-sensei told Kanae to remove the photo. Since there was a intruder in the school the teachers had to go investigate. But Tsurusaki-sensei was actually afraid of ghosts.

    While she was walking down the hall, Tsurusaki-sensei ran into Cobraja. She was shocked, thinking that Cobraja was a ghost. Then Cobraja turned Tsurusaki-sensei into a dezatorian based on a ghost.

    The PreCure fought the dezatorian and won.

    Later Yuri came to the green house. Popuri sensed the strong power in Yuri, and wanted her to be the third PreCure. But Yuri refused.

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