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  • Heartcatch PreCure! episode 24

    Kokoro no Taiju no kiki! PreCure, tobimasu

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2010.10.24
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    [continued from previous episode]

    Cure Sunshine was fighting against the dezatorian, and she was getting the upper hand. Then she used the shiny tambourine (Cure Sunshine's item) and blasted the dezatorian. After the dezatorian vanished, Satsuki recovered.

    Dark PreCure was looking all over for the third fairy, but couldn't find it. Then Sasorina came told them about the third PreCure. Sabark told Dark PreCure to go.

    At the hospital, Erika, Tsubomi, and Itsuki were talking. Then Popuri's item started flashing. Popuri said that the taiju was near.

    The fairies turned into capes, and this enabled the girls to fly. The girls were in their normal, untransformed state. Erika was having fun flying, but Tsubomi was afraid of heights, so she couldn't open her eyes. Then Itsuki held her hand and they flew together.

    The girls flew to the taiju, which was hidden in a large cloud in the sky. When they went through the cloud, they came to the tree. There was a little piece of land around the taiju. Tsubomi and Erika said that it was the same as in their dream. Then Itsuki said that she had seen the same dream too.

    There were many little flower buds on the tree. They were looking forward to the day that the flowers bloomed.

    Then Dark PreCure arrived at the taiju. All the girls transformed, and fought. But Dark PreCure was way too strong.

    Dark PreCure used her wings to fly when fighting. So the PreCure used their capes so they can fly too. But Dark PreCure blasted them and the fairies got blown off.

    Dark PreCure blasted the flower buds off of the tree. She wanted to kill the taiju to make all people's hearts a desert.

    Cure Blossom used her forte wave attack, but Dark PreCure just knocked it away. Then Dark PreCure attacked, but Cure Sunshine knocked it away.

    Cure Sunshine attacked, and her shiny flowers wrapped Dark PreCure. Then the other PreCure also attacked. It looked like the PreCure got the upper hand, but Dark PreCure got out of it. But this bought time for Cure Sunshine and Popuri to create a force field around the taiju.

    Dark PreCure saw what was happening, and hurried to blast the tree. But when she attacked, it was too late and the force field was complete. Then the taiju magically disappeared.

    The three PreCure were also magically returned to earth. Popuri said that the taiju flew away, and it was safe now.

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