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  • Heartcatch PreCure! episode 25

    Umi he go desu! Itsuki uki uki natsu gasshuku!

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2010.10.29
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    Ituki's brother was getting better after the sugery. The doctor said he can leave the hospital in the month. Itsuki, Satsuki, and their mother were walking outside of the hospital. Itsuki was looking forward to be able to practice with her brother. But mother told Itsuki to go play with her friends instead of thinking about her practice so much, as it was summer vacation.

    Then Erika and Tsubomi came up to Itsuki. Erika said, "Let's go in a club trip." Both Satsuki and mother said she should go.

    The fashion club went to a resort house that Erika's mother's friend let them use. Erika's mother drove all the girls in their car, and the resort house was right on the beach.

    Itsuki was worried that she shouldn't have come. She thought she would make the other students feel uncomfortable. Then Erika and Tsubomi dressed her up in cute clothes, instead of her school uniform (boy's uniform). This made the other girls feel comfortable, but Itsuki said she was embarassed.

    There were seven girls in the fashion club: Erika, Tsubomi, Naomi, Rumiko, Toshiko, Nanami, and Itsuki. Erika said that they were finally "one" as a club.

    Erika said they had to draw the designs for the fashion show that they were going to do for the next school festival. Erika said that the theme for the fashion show was "the new me".

    Meanwhile, Kumojacky, Cobraja, and Sasorina were also holding their own training camp near the beach. They wanted to defeat the three PreCure.

    At night the girls bombarded Itsuki with personal questions. Then Itsuki said that she wanted to know more about the other girls too.

    The next day Itsuki led Erika and Tsubomi on a PreCure training jog. While they were running, they ran into the three desert people. Then the three girls transformed.

    [very long transformation sequence]

    The three PreCure fought against the three desert people. The desert people fought by themselves instead of using the dezatorian or snacky.

    Then Cure Sunshine blasted Sasorina. Sunshine was going to make Sasorina recover (just like the dezatorians when they get defeated). But just at the last moment, Cobraja and Kumojacky kicked away Sunshine's attack. Sasorina was in a half dazed state, and they carried her away.

    After returning, Tsubomi, Erika, and Itsuki joined the other girls to think of new designs for the fashion club.

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