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  • Heartcatch PreCure! episode 26

    Yuuki wo dashite! Tomodachi ni narutte suteki nandesu!

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2010.11.09
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    [sort of continued from the previous episode.]

    The fashion club members were still at the ocean resort. The girls were playing in the ocean.

    Later they went inside, and started working on the designs for the fashion club. But everyone was stuck, and they couldn't think of a new design.

    Erika wanted to go out. But Tsubomi said no. She said Erika had said she wanted to play with fireworks at night, so they had to stay indoors during the day and do their club activity. Then when Erika mentioned that there was some rare flower outside of the cottage, Tsubomi said that it was ok to take a short walk.

    When the girls were walking in the forest, they saw a fairly large spider. All the girls were scared except for Itsuki. Then Itsuki took the spider and put it on a brush away from the path. All the girls thought that Itsuki was very cool. Then Erika asked Itsuki to walk in front of everybody.

    Naomi saw this and was feeling a little sad. Tsubomi noticed and went to talk to her. Naomi said that she didn't know how to become friends with Itsuki. She just wanted to be friends with Itsuki like the other girls.

    The girls arrived at the little lake. They opened up a beach mat and ate lunch.

    Tsubomi told Erika about Naomi's worries. Then Erika said, "Leave it to me."

    Erika came up with an idea. Erika made some of the girls switch seats, with Naomi ending up sitting next to Itsuki. When Erika tried to force Naomi to talk to Itsuki, Naomi got mad and ran off.

    Meanwhile Kumojacky was practicing his attacks by the ocean. Cobraja didn't want to practice so he had gone off. Sasorina was sitting on a nearby rock, but she was totally spaced out (because of the PreCure attack in the previous episode).

    Naomi was sitting by herself on the beach. Kumojacky took Naomi's heart flower and created a dezatorian out of a thermos bottle.

    Itsuki arrived at the scene, and the dezatorian attacked. Itsuki avoided that attacks, and then Popuri arrived. Itsuki transformed.

    Cure Sunshine fought the dezatorian. Many snacky attacked, but Cure Sunshine won.

    Then just as the dezatorian hit Cure Sunshine, Cure Blossom and Cure Marin arrived.

    The dezatorian fought all three PreCure.

    Cure Sunshine blasted the dezatorian, and cured Naomi.

    Then Kumojacky fought himself. But Cure Blossom and Marin's attacks were strong enough to make him give up.

    That evening all the girls changed into yukata and did fireworks. When Naomi woke up, Itsuki was with her and they became friends.

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