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  • Heartcatch PreCure! episode 27

    Ojiichan ha ikemen-san? Cure Flower no hatsukoi desu!

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2010.11.11
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    Erika, Tsubomi, and Itsuki were on a train in Kamakura. This was the place where Tsubomi used to live. Tsubomi's grandmother was also with the girls. She said she spent her youth here too.

    Grandmother said her maiden name was Godai Kaoruko. Then Itsuki recognized the name. It was the name of the youngest champion in the history of karate. Everyone was shocked when grandma said that it was her.

    When they got off the train, they walked around the neighborhood that Tsubomi used to live. They met a boy wearing a kendo outfit with a kendo sword.

    The boy was a childhood friend of Tsubomi, Nakano Mitsuru. Mitsuru gave a mean look towards Itsuki, thinking that she was a boy.

    Later everyone was walking though the mountains toward Tsubomi's old house, but Erika got bored.

    Then Erika asked about Tsubomi's relationship with Mitsuru. Tsubomi said Mitsuru did kendo ever since he was little. He also always came to the aid of Tsubomi whenever she was in trouble.

    They all arrived at Tsubomi's old house.

    When they were cleaning the house, Tsubomi knocked around some books and an old photo popped out. There was a cool looking guy, and it was Tsubomi's grandfather. It was also the same guy thay always helped out Tsubomi when she was in trouble against the desert people.

    Tsubomi and the others asked grandma to tell them more about her husband Sora.

    When she was younger, grandma was training in the mountains. But she felt lonely, and she was going to give up and come down from the mountains. When she was walking around, she came across a small house with lavender flowers. Inside there was a guy playing cello. The guy invited her in, and gave her lavender tea. He also gave her an orgel.

    Later grandma won the karate tournament. Then grandma and the guy in the mountains got married. But grandpa died right after Tsubomi's father was born.

    Later grandma gave the orgel to Tsubomi, but she lost it when she moved.

    Meanwhile Sasorina was on the beach. She let her long hair down. She was very upset that there were couples all over, but she was alone.

    Mitsuru came to Tsubomi's house. He said he found a lavender garden in the mountains, and everyone said they wanted to see it. So Mitsuru lead them into the mountains.

    When Mitsuru saw Tsubomi with Itsuki, he got saddened. He went off ahead by himself. He had found Tsubomi's orgel, and he was planning to return it to her.

    Sasorina saw Mitsuru feeling sad, and took his heart flower. She created a dezatorian out of the orgel.

    After the PreCure fought and won, they all found the laveder garden. Mitsuru gave the orgel back to Tsubomi.

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