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  • Heartcatch PreCure! episode 28

    Sabark shijou saidai no sakusen! Natsuyasumi no shukudai owarimasen!

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2010.11.12
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    There were some kids playing games. The mother scolded them, and told the kids to do their homework. But the kids were just interested in their games.

    Cobraja was waiting for the end of summer. It was when the kids' hearts will weaken because of their uncompleted homework. He wanted to get many heart flowers from the kids.

    Tsubomi and Itsuki went to Erika's house. It was afternoon, but Erika had just woken up. Kofre said Erika watched DVDs and read manga late into the night.

    Erika was eating ice cream for breakfast. Then Momoka came by. She didn't have to work that day, so she was going to do homework with her friend Yuri. Erika said that there was plenty of time left, so she didn't have to do her homework yet. But Tsubomi said that the summer vacation was more than half over.

    When Erika asked how far the others have gotten, Tsubomi said that she just had to do her book report. Itsuki said she was all finished. Erika was shocked. Itsuki suggested that they go work on their homework. But Erika said that they should play.

    Tsubomi and Itsuki wanted to go to the library. Erika didn't want to, but she went along. Tsubomi and Itsuki borrowed books. Erika didn't. She just wanted to play like primary school students.

    After leaving the library, the girls came to a park. They all noticed that it was very quiet. The park was deserted, and there were no kids playing around.

    Then a dezatorian appeared. The girls transformed and fought the monster. It was very weak and the PreCure won easily, but then many more dezatorians appeared. The dezatorians were made from baseballs, pencils, and notebooks. The heart flowers were taken from the kids who hadn't done their homework.

    There were too many dezatorians to fight. Cure Marin became weak (ran out of energy). It was because she wasn't eating right.

    Then Cobraja appeared and told the kids to destroy the school. Cure Marin said it was a good idea, but she quickly changed her mind.

    The dezatorians went to the school. The PreCure fought to protect the school. Then all of the dezatorian combined to form one huge and powerful dezatorian.

    The dezatorian knocked out Cure Blossom and Cure Sunshine. Cure Marin was feeling weak, but Kofre gave her a seed that allowed her to power up. When Marin was powered up, she was surrounded by a red light.

    Cure Marin fought and almost defeated the dezatorian. Then Blossom and Sunshin came, and they all defeated the dezatorian together.

    Since they saved lots of kids, there were a lot of heart seeds.

    Later Itsuki helped Erika finish her homework.

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