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  • Heartcatch PreCure! episode 29

    Natsu last spurt! Watashi no dress dekimashita!

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2010.11.14
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    It was still summer vacation, but Tsubomi was at school sewing her new design dress. Then Erika and Itsuki came. They asked why Tsubomi was sewing at school.

    Tsubomi said that her classmate Hayashi was going to return to school from his bicycle trip. He tried a bicycle trip from Kyoto to Tokyo, and he was supposed to arrive at the school that day.

    Tsubomi said that she will make a medal for him, out of the same fabric that she was using for her new dress.

    Later Tsubomi and the others went outside to see Hayashi. There were many other students too. When Hayashi arrived, everyone said it was great that Hayashi completed his planned trip. Tsubomi gave Hayashi the medal that she had made.

    Tsubomi said she wanted to complete her goal too, which was to make her own clothes with her own design. Tsubomi was almost finished bu she kept making mistakes at a difficult part. Erika offered to do just that part for her, but Tsubomi said she wanted to do it all by herself.

    Hayashi saw that Tsubomi was trying very heart. He recalled his own troubles during his bike tour. Then Hayashi gave back the medal to Tsubomi.

    Later Tada Kanae was interviewing Hayashi. He recalled giving up and taking the bus while in the mountains. But he couldn't tell his classmates that. Then he left his classmates.

    When Hayashi was feeling depressed by himself, Kumojacky came, and took his heart flower.

    Tsubomi finally finished making her dress by herself. She was wearing it and showing Erika and Itsuki. But then they saw the dezatorian that was made out of a bicycle. The fairies said that it was Hayashi.

    The PreCure transformed, fought, and won. They saved Hayashi, and Hayashi decided to tell everyone the truth.

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