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  • Heartcatch PreCure! episode 31

    Kanashimi no shoutai! Soreha, Yuri-san no yousei deshita

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2010.11.19
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    The PreCure were fighting against the dezatorian. Then the dezatorian got trapped, and Sasorina lost again.

    Later at school, Tsubomi saw Yuri in the flower garden. Tsubomi went to her but Yuri gave her the cold shoulder.

    At the fashion club, Erika was really psyched up for the fashion show in the bunkasai. They were trying to decide what to do. Then some of the girls suggested that they get Momoka as a guest model. Tsubomi suggested that they get Yuri too. Then Erika said that she will ask Momoka.

    Meanwhile Momoka and Yuri were studying together. Yuri was giving Momoka the notes that she took when Momoka had missed the classes because of work.

    Then Erika and others came. Before she can ask Momoka about being a model, some high school boys came by. One of them was Saitani Hideo, who wore glasses and was holding a computer. He was always second to Yuri on the exams, and he told Yuri that he would defeat her on the next test.

    After the boys left, Erika asked Momoka about being the model. Tsubomi said she wanted to design clothes for Yuri, with the theme "the new me". Momoka said that it sounded like fun, but Yuri refused.

    At the desert people headquarters, Dune asked Sabark when he was going to defeat the PreCure. Sabark said that he had a plan.

    Meanwhile Sasorina was with Cobraja and Kumojacky. They were talking about losing to the PreCure. Sasorina thought about going away for a vacation.

    Then Sabark and Dark PreCure appeared. Sabark showed a new item, the dark bracelet. He said that it would make the dezatorian stronger, and gave the bracelet to everyone. It also cured Sasorina's heart that had been weakened by the PreCure's attack.

    Yuri was talking to Kaoruko about Tsubomi and Erika's offer about being a model. Yuri also said that her fairy was gone, so she lost her heart flower, and her heart was only half.

    Tsubomi was nearby and had overheard Yuri's story.

    Early the next morning, Tsubomi and Erika went to Itsuki's doujou. They wanted to practice new moves. But Tsubomi wasn't concentrating. Then Tsubomi told everyone about Yuri's fairy.

    At the high school, Hideo found out that he was number two again on the exam, behind Yuri. He was pouting by himself. He lost his motivation and didn't want to study any more. Then Sasorina appeared.

    Yuri came by and told Hideo to leave, but Sasorina attacked. She made a dezatorian out of a notebook computer.

    The three girls transformed. Yuri was running away, luring the dezatorian away from the school.

    The PreCure fought against the dezatorian in the forest, away from the school. The PreCure was starting to beat the dezatorian, and Sasorina used her dark bracelet to make the dezatorian more evil and powerful. It was done by killing off more of the heart flower.

    The evil dezatorian was stronger and captured the PreCure. Then the fairies joined the fight. Yuri told them not to fight, but the fairies said they wanted to protect the PreCure. Then the PreCure escaped, and used their new combined attack to defeat the dezatorian.

    After the battle, Tsubomi said that she wanted to design an outfit for Yuri that would revive her heart flower. Tsubomi said that she felt Yuri's heart flower. Then Yuri walked away, but didn't refuse to be a model for the fashion show.

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