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  • Futari ha PreCure Splash Star episode 1

    Oddoroki no Saikai! Futari ha Nanimononano!?

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2006.03.05
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    Saki was pitching in a softball game, and stuck out her 9th straight batter. She said that she just needed to strike out one more to get a free ice cream. The catcher had made a deal with her saying that she would buy her an ice cream if Saki struck out 10 batters in a row.

    Saki saw a strange shadow over the softball field, but it quickly vanished.

    Meanwhile, Mai was in a car with her family. Everyone was looking at the scenery, saying that it hasn't changed in a long time. Then Mai said, "Tadaima." (I'm back.)


    Saki was riding home on her bicycle, saying she was feeling great as she struck out 10 batters in a row.

    Saki and her family arrived at their new home. Instead of going into the house, Saki said that she wanted to go out for a while.

    [title screen] Oddoroki no Saikai! Futari ha Nanimononano!?

    Saki was in front of a very large tree eating her ice cream (ice monaka). Then she heard a sound of a branch breaking. She turned around to see Mai standing near her. Saki was surprised and almost choked.

    Then while they were looking at each other, two white furry creatures fell out of the sky, on top of each other. The creatures were speaking. They said they failed in their landing. Then they got up and started dancing, happily.

    The two creatures introduced themselves as Frappi and Choppi, who were fairies from the Izumi no Sato (Land of Springs). Frappi was the fairy of the flower, and Choppi was the fairy of the bird. They asked Saki and Mai to help them save their homeland.

    Then Minori (Saki's younger sister) came looking for Saki. She said that their mother was looking for her, as she wanted Saki to make a delivery. Saki wanted show Minori the strange talking creatures, but the creatures had vanished.

    Then Saki and Minori went off on their bicycles. Minori asked Saki who the other girl was, but Saki said that she didn't know.

    Meanwhile, Mai was thinking that she had met Saki somewhere before.

    When they got home (a bread store), Saki asked her father to buy a new car. But Saki's father didn't want to. Their bread store was very busy, so mother asked Saki to make a delivery for her.

    When Saki was riding her bicycle (making the delivery), something in her pocket started talking. It was the strange creature (Frappi), who had turned into a cell phone.

    Meanwhile in the forest, Mai was talking to Choppi.

    Frappi said that Saki had to hurry over to where Choppi was. Then Saki saw a large shadow over her. Saki hurried to the forest. Mai was there with Choppi.

    The two girls looked at each other, and said, "We must have met somewhere before. But where?"

    Then Choppi (still in cell phone form) said, "You still can't remember?" Then Frappi got mad and jumped out and transformed himself back into the white creature. He said, "5 years ago.."

    Frappi and Choppi turned themselves into white balls of light, and floated near the large tree. Then Saki and Mai remembered the past.


    It was a summer festival, and little Saki and Mai were wearing yukata. They saw a shooting star fall out of the sky, and they went after it to the large tree. There were two balls of light floating around the tree. Then suddenly the lights vanished.

    Saki and Mai were surprised, but just then Saki's mother and Mai's older brother came to take them home.

    [back to present]

    A large shadow appeared in the sky again.

    Frappi and Choppi gave Saki and Mai some cards and told them to transform. They told them to transform into PreCure. Mai and Saki had no idea what the fairies were talking about.

    Then a strange looking green colored guy (Karehaan) appeared. He was after the two fairies.

    Frappi and Choppi attacked the guy, but got pounded. Frappi and Choppi said that they had to protect PreCure.

    Karehaan asked, "Where is the Taiyou no Izumi (Spring of the Sun)?"

    The two fairies didn't know.

    Karehaan caught Frappi and Choppi, and threw them to the ground. Frappi and Choppi couldn't move any more. Then Saki and Mai went over to the fairies. They said that they would protect Frappi and Choppi.

    Karehaan came closer. Frappi and Choppi turned into cell phones. They told the girls to transform. They told them to stick two cards into the cell phones and spin it around. When the girls did that, the transformation process began.

    The girls said some magical lines, but they didn't know what they were saying themselves. They had transformed in Cure Bloom and Cure Egret.

    Then Karehaan touched a nearby tree and turned it into a tree monster. The monster kept saying, "uzaina" (you're so unpleasant).

    The monster shot at the girls, but the PreCure girls blocked it with their powers. But the girls had no idea what they were doing themselves.

    Frappi and Choppi told the two girls to use the "pre cure twin stream splash" attack. The girls attacked together, and the monster got blasted. When the monster got destroyed, the little fairies who were trapped in the tree got released.

    Then a small, blue marble-like object (shizuku) fell out of the sky. Frappi and Choppi said that these objects would be needed to save their land.

    The next day at school, Saki was recalling what had happened, and she realized that she didn't ask the new girl her name. Then the teacher introduced a new transfer student. It was the girl that Saki had fought with. Mai introduced herself to the Saki and the rest of the class.

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