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  • Futari ha PreCure Splash Star episode 2

    Panpaka Kangeikai ha Arashi no Yokan

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2006.03.13
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    In a dark cave, Karehaan (the tall green guy) was with a small, chubby green guy (Gooyaan). Gooyaan asked if Karehaan had gotten the two fairies yet.

    Then the leader of the buy guys, Akudaikaan, asked about the taiyou no izumi (Spring of the Sun). Karehaan apologized, and said that someone had interfered. Then Gooyaan said that he had heard rumors of the legendary fighters PreCure.

    Akudaikaan told Karehaan to find the Spring of the Sun.

    [title screen] Panpaka Kangeikai ha Arashi no Yokan

    At school, Saki was talking with her classmates, and was setting up a welcome party for Mai. Just when she was going to ask Mai to come, she discovered that Mai wasn't in the classroom.

    Saki found Mai outside. Mai said the air felt great.

    Mai and Saki were wondering about what had happened the previous day. Then Frappi came out and said that Karehaan was one of the Dark Fall. Choppi also came out, and they told the girls that there were more of them (the enemy).

    Akudaikaan was the leader of the Dark Fall, and he was after the Sekaiju, a tree that controls all life. The Sekaiju gets its power of life from the seven springs, but Akudaikaan has already gotten six of the springs. The last spring is Spring of the Sun.

    Mai and Saki couldn't believe it.

    Saki rushed home, and asked for a snack. Saki and her little sister (Minori) were about to eat a large chocolate bread dessert. But just before eating, Frappi shouted out that he was hungry. Saki rushed back to her room, as she didn't want Minori to find out about Frappi. But Minori was shocked that Saki didn't eat the bread.

    Back in her room, Saki yelled at Frappi. She told him not to talk out in public. Frappi said he was hungry. He asked Saki to use two of the magic cards to make his food. Two magical "items" Nigi Nigi and Res Res appeared, and they made furikake gohan (a bowl of rice with seaweed and other toppings). Frappi ate the rice, as Saki looked on.. hoping to eat some too.

    At night, Mai was out on the balcony, looking out at the stars. Then her older brother came, and asked if she was thinking about something. Mai told her brother about meeting Saki. They had met once five years ago, and they met again. Mai felt at that time that they would meet again.

    The next day, Saki and her friends were at Saki's house making cake for Mai's welcome party. Kenta (a boy in Saki's class) was running around trying to decorate the house.

    Saki's father and mother were watching. Father wanted to help, but mother told him not to.

    Mai arrived at Saki's house early. Since Saki wasn't ready yet, Mai waited in the back yard.


    While she was waiting, Mai started drawing a sketch. It was very good. Saki and her friend came and looked over Mai's shoulder, but Mai didn't notice them. Saki left Mai alone, and they made the preparations for the party. But Mai was concentrating on her sketch, and didn't notice.

    Then Karehaan appeared. He asked about the Spring of the Sun. Then he used his power to turn a pot of flowers into a monster.

    The monster attacked, and the girls transformed. At the end of the transformation sequence, they still couldn't believe that they had transformed.

    Cure Bloom and Cure Egret fought the monster.

    Karehaan said, "Give me the fairies and I'll let you go." But the girls refused.

    The monster caught the girls in his vines. Frappi and Choppi told the girls to concentrate on their hands. They did, and some power came to their hands. Their hands became powerful, and they were able to throw the monster with their bare hands (miles and miles away).

    Then they concentrated on their feet. Their feet became powerful, and they were able to jump miles away, to the ocean where they threw the monster. The PreCure girls crash landed in the beach by the monster.

    They fought and eventually defeated the monster with their "precure twin stream splash" attack. The monster broke up, and a little green ball appeared.

    After the battle, they had the welcome party for Mai.

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