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  • Futari ha PreCure Splash Star episode 3

    Makkou Shoubu! Kimi koso Ace da!!

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2006.03.16
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    Akudaikaan noticed that the fairies were getting released. He asked if the precure were really that strong. Gooyaan said that they must be strong if Karehaan was having this much trouble with them. But Karehaan appeared and said that he would defeat them the next time for sure.

    The day before the big game, Saki was practicing her pitching. She said she was feeling great. Mai was sitting near the softball field, drawing sketches of Saki and the rest of the teammates.

    Saki saw Mai and started thinking about PreCure and the enemy. But Saki said that she didn't have time to worry about that now, as she had an important game coming up.

    As the girls were walking home from school, everyone was feeling down. They had found out that their opponent in the first round of the regional tournament was Kuroshio Chuu, last year's champion team. Yuunagi Chuu had lost in the first round the previous year.

    But Saki said it was lucky to face someone strong in the first round. She said that Kuroshio might take them very lightly because they weren't a famous strong team.

    [title screen] Makkou Shoubu! Kimi koso Ace da!!

    At home, Frappi was hungry again. He asked for furikake gohan. When Saki was watching Frappi eat, Minori came into Saki's room. Saki rushed out.

    Minori said that their mother had made hamburg curry, which was Saki's favorite. After dinner, mother said she would go watch Saki's softball with Minori. Father said he wanted to go too, but mother said that he had to watch the store.

    That evening Mai was looking at her sketches, and hoping that Saki would win the next day.

    The next day, in the morning before the game, Saki went to the large tree in the forest. She "talked" to the tree, and said she would try her best. Saki told Frappi that she gets some strength from this tree.

    Saki arrived at the softball field. Her teammates were watching their opponent's pitcher warm up. She was pitching very fast, faster than the previous year.

    Saki's mother and Minori were in the stands. Then Saki's father also appeared. He said he had closed the store early.

    The game started. In the top of the first inning, the opponent hit an inside the park homerun. It was a close play at home, but the catcher dropped the ball on the tag.

    Saki told the catcher not to worry about it, as she said that they would get the one run back without any problems. But the game progressed with the score 1-0, and it didn't look like the Yuunagi batters would get any hits.

    Mai was in the stands drawing sketches of the Yuungai players. Then she looked at the sketches from the day before, and noticed something was different with the players.

    Mai went to the dugout and gave Saki the sketches. She told the girls to look at the differences between the sketches of the two days. They noticed that they weren't playing as relaxed as the previous day. They were very tight, and their bodies weren't getting the full extension that they needed to play their best. Mai told everyone to remember how they practiced the previous day.

    Just as Saki went up to bat, a strong wind came blowing into the stadium. There was an announcement telling everyone to go inside.

    Mai and Saki went out onto the field. The wind died down, and Karehaan appeared. Karehaan asked about the Spring of the Sun, but Frappi said that he wouldn't tell him. Then Karehaan turned some baseball bats into a monster, and had the monster attack the girls.

    The girls transformed.

    [a few minutes of fighting..]

    It looked like Karehaan had the girls trapped, but when the girls joined hands, they let out a strong blast, and they won.

    After the monster was defeated, a small orange ball came falling out of the sky.

    After the battle, the softball game continued. With two outs in the last inning, Yuko (the catcher) was up to bat. She had lost confidence in herself, but Saki yelled out to her that she can do it. Then she got a hit.

    Saki was up to bat, she choked up and concentrated. She was determined to drive Yuko in. Saki swung, and hit a liner to center. The ball carried and carried, and went over the fence for a game winning homerun.

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