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  • Futari ha PreCure Splash Star episode 4

    Usso!? Haru no Keshiki to Semi no Koe

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2006.03.18
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    Mai was drawing a sketch of the sakura trees near the school. Saki came over and saw Mai's drawing. She said it was as good as a professional. Then another girl came and agreed with Saki. The girl was Takeuchi Ayano, a second year student in class A.

    Ayano asked Mai to join the art club. She said that there was an art contest the following week. She asked Mai to come talk to her during lunch, and Saki was very happy for Mai. But Mai didn't seem that interested.

    Meanwhile, in a dark cave, Akudaikaan was getting mad at Karehaan. But Karehaan said that he had already discovered the weakness of the PreCure.

    [title screen] Usso!? Haru no Keshiki to Semi no Koe

    Mai found out that the theme for the art contest was "spring".

    That evening, Mai was thinking about what to draw. She asked her brother what "spring" means to him. He said the birth of frogs.. Mai was pretty disappointed in that answer, and then asked her mother. Mai's mother said spring vegetables, that the people of ancient times would eat. Then Mai called her father, who was still in the office. Mai's father rattled out some names of spring constallation (stars).

    The next day, Mai told Saki about the suggestions that her family gave her. Saki laughed. Mai said she wasn't sure she wanted to join the art club. Mai just wanted to draw whatever and whenever she wanted. She said she would enter the contest, but will decide wheather to join the club later.

    Saki said she will go with Mai to find the topic of spring.

    Frappi said spring was the start of love. But Choppi didn't understand what he meant.

    Mai and Saki went into the forest of the nearby mountains. Mai asked Saki why she had come with her, and Saki said that she wanted to be with Mai. She said that it was more fun being with someone than being alone.

    Then Mai spotted a cabbage farm. The girls ran down to the farm. There, Mai said she had found her "spring".


    Mai sat down and started drawing. The she heard the sound of cicadas. It was unusual, as it was only spring. (Cicadas appear in the summer.) Saki ran off into the forest to check it out.

    Mai saw an old woman carrying a load of cabagges on a cart. It was very heavy, and the woman fell. Mai rushed to her and helped her. They went to the woman's house, and Mai asked her if she can help. Mai said that she wanted to "feel" spring with her own hands.

    Meanwhile Saki was running deeper and deeper into the forest. Frappi was worried that Saki would get lost.

    Mai was helping out the old woman. She loaded the cabbages onto the cart, and was pushing it back to the house. But it was harder than it looked. Mai fell, but the picked up the cabbages by herself. Eventually, Mai started to get the hang of it. She said that it was fun.

    After a while, Mai and the old woman finished.

    Choppi came out and said she felt something. In the forest, Frappi said he felt something too.

    Then a big swarm of cicadas flew out of the forest. Frappi told Saki to return to Choppi, and Saki started running back to the cabbage farm. But Karehaan appeared.

    Frappi told Saki to transform, but Saki said that she couldn't transform alone. Karehaan said that his hunch was correct. The PreCure girls couldn't do anything by themselves.

    Meanwhile, the cicadas flew over to Mai, and they all combined into a giant monster.

    Saki was running in the forest. Karehaan went after her, but Saki hid in the bushes and tricked Karehaan. After Karehaan went off, Saki got out of the bushes and ran toward Mai,

    Saki arrived at the cabbage farm, and was surprised to see the monster. Then Karehaan also arrived.

    Saki asked why the cicadas turned into a monster. Karehaan said all the cicadas were connected to the spirit of the tree.

    Then the girls transformed, and fought the monster. At the end, the PreCure used their twin stream splash, and won. When the monster got destroyed, a red ball appeared.

    The old woman had been unconscious. When she woke up, Ayano came. The old woman was Ayano's grandmother.

    At the art contest, Mai got a special prize. Her picture was technically very good, but the judges couldn't see the theme of "spring" in the picture. Mai had drawn a large picture of Ayano's grandmother.

    Mai was planning on drawing the grandmother holding cabbages, but her smile was too good so it filled the entire frame. Then Mai said that she had decided to join the art club.

    On the way home, Mai told Saki that she had decided to join the art club because of what Saki had said. Mai said Saki had told her that it was more fun with a group of people than by herself.

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