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  • Futari ha PreCure Splash Star episode 5

    Kenta dousuru!? Saki to suteki na oniisan!

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2006.03.22
      You can do whatever you want with this summary, except put it on the web.

    Saki was running to school, as she was almost late for school. She was upset that Frappi didn't wake her up.

    Then Saki saw an older boy on a bicycle staring into the sky. Saki stopped and also looked up into the sky. She saw a cloud left behind by an airplane. Saki said that when she was little, she thought that clouds were cotton candy. So she wanted to ride an airplane to eat all the cotton candy inside it..

    Then the boy said good-bye and left, and Saki realized she was definitely late for school.

    At school, the teacher gave Saki a lot of extra English homework because she was late.

    On the way home, Mai said she would help, and Saki was very happy. But Mai said that she would only help, not actually do the homework for her.

    [title screen] Kenta dousuru!? Saki to suteki na oniisan!

    They went to Mai's house. Saki saw that Choppi was holding a doguu (ancient figure), and wondered why Mai had it in her house. Then Mai told Saki that her mother was an archeology professor at a university.

    Choppi then appeared and said that he was hungry. Saki was going to make food for him, but he told Saki and Mai to put the cell phones back to back when using the magic. The phones used wireless transmission, and it enabled Choppi to give the snack to Frappi.

    [great marketing for the cell phone toys! (^_^;]

    Saki then asked what the dome on top of Mai's house was. Then Mai took Saki to the observatory. Mai said that her father built it by himself. Her father was a researcher of astronomy.

    Saki was amazed at Mai's parents, but Mai said that her parents were busy and hardly home. Just then, Mai's older brother came home. When Saki saw him, they recognized each other right away. The boy that Saki had met on the street in the morning was Mai's brother.

    Saki finished her homework very quickly because she got help from Kazuya (Mai's brother). While Saki was doing her homework, Mai was making crepes.

    Kazuya said that Saki was just as Mai had described. He said that she was always cheerful, and was like a summer sunflower. Saki was very embarassed. Then Saki (still in a daze), went over to the bookshelf and picked up a very difficult astronomy book. She said that it looked interesting, and Kazuya said that he would lend it to her.

    Back at Saki's house, Kenta was at an outdoor table waiting for Saki. He was worried that Saki wouldn't be able to do all of the homework by herself. Minori had brought a piece of dessert bread and tea for him.

    Then Saki came home. She was in a very dreamy state. She was thinking about Kazuya, a second year student of Seikai High School. Saki said he was smart, kind, handsome, and cool.

    Saki sat down at the table and said she borrowed a book from Kazuya. When she opened it Minori said that it was full of kanji. The Saki started reading it. She didn't understand it at all, and wondered if it was written in Japanese.

    Then Kenta accidentally spilled tea on the book. Saki got very upset, and ran off to dry the book. Saki tried her best, but the tea stains remained, and the pages were wrinkled.

    That evening, Frappi said that Kenta didn't do it on purpose so she should forgive him. But Saki said that she wouldn't.


    The next day at school, Mai said Saki didn't look too happy. When they were in the hallway, Kenta came and he was about to say something. But Saki pulled Mai and went off. Mai asked if something had happened between them.

    Later Kenta was outside by himself, feeling very depressed. Mai came over. She said the weather was nice, but if one has some worries, the world looks cloudy. She asked if anything happened between Kenta and Saki. Then Kenta told Mai what happened the previous day.

    Kenta asked Mai to apologize for him. Then Mai asked, "Is that all right? Isn't there a better way?"

    After school, Saki went to a bookstore to find the astronomy book. But the when the clerk checked the computer, she found out that the book was out of print.

    Meanwile Kenta was at another bookstore, looking for the same book. He went on his knees and begged, but the clerk told him that there was nothing they could do about an out of print book. Then Saki came by and spotted Kenta. She pulled him out of the store.

    Kenta apologized to Saki. But Saki also apologized too, for getting so angry at him.

    Saki suggested that they go to another bookstore together, but Kenta said that he had checked out all of the bookstores in the city. Then Mai came. She suggested going to a used bookstore.

    They all went to a used bookstore, but they couldn't find the book. Then they went to the shopkeeper to ask about the book. But the shopkeeper said that he didn't have the book. The shopkeeper was Karehaan.

    Karehaan said that he can control anything related to trees, and turned the books into a monster. Saki, Mai, and Kenta ran out of the bookstore. The monster went after them, and knocked Kenta unconscious.

    Then the girls transformed and fought the monster, and eventually defeated the monster. After the monster was defeated, a pink ball came out of the sky.

    Later Saki and Kenta both went to apologize to Kazuya. But Kazuya said it wasn't anything to worry about, as the book was still readable, and he had everything in his brain anyway.

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