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  • Futari ha PreCure Splash Star episode 6

    Yappa Saikou! Iketeru Otousan!

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2006.03.25
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    It was the weekend, so Saki woke up very late. Her mother was surprised she had slept so much, but Saki said that she was very tired because of softball practice. Minori was out in the garden by herself. When Saki went to her, Minori said that she was sad that her parents didn't take her anywhere. She said all of her friends went out with their parents on the weekends. But Saki said their parents had the store to take care of, so they couldn't go out like other families.

    Saki said she would take Minori out. But Minori didn't want to go to the nearby mountains, as she can go there any time. Just then, Mai and her parents came to the store. They asked if Saki and Minori wanted to go with them to Mikazuki Lake, as Mai's father had to go there for work.

    [title] Yappa Saikou! Iketeru Otousan!

    Saki asked Mai about her brother, but Mai said he had his school club activities.

    Mai said there was another reason for asking Saki to go together. Then Choppi appeared and said she wanted Frappi to go with her to the lake. Frappi was happy as he thought Choppi finally understood his feelings.. but then Choppi said that it was because the lake looked very similar to their homeland. Then Frappi was very disappointed.

    Meanwhile, Akudaikaan asked Karehaan if he wasn't strong enough to defeat the PreCure. Akudaikaan asked if Karehaan was just trying to make him angry. Then Karehaan said he would defeat them the next time. Akudaikaan said that there won't be another chance.

    At a large auditorium near Mikazuki Lake, Mai's father gave a speech entitled, "Yozora no Akarusa" (The brightness of the night sky).

    After the speech, they all went to the lake for a barbecue.

    Saki said that Mai's father was a super hero, and she was envious of Mai. But Mai's father said that Saki's father was much better than him, as he can make such a great tasting bread.

    Mai's mother said that Panpakapan's bread and cakes were the best in Japan. She said that many famous hotels and restaurants wanted Saki's father to work for them, but he had refused them all because he wanted to work at his own store. Mai's father said that's great. But Saki said that she had never heard of it. Minori said that she wanted parents that took her out on weekends.

    [CM break] ince there was some time before lunch, Saki and Mai went out to the lake. Choppi and Frappi came out, and said that it looked just like their homeland, izumi no sato (land of springs).

    Then Minori came calling for them, as lunch was ready.

    After eating lunch, they went to ride the boats. Mai's father went with Minori, and Saki and Mai went together.

    Saki was rowing the boat with Mai just sitting. Saki said she envied Mai for having such famous parents. But Mai said that both of them were so busy they weren't home much. She said she envied Saki because her parents were always near her. She also said it was great that Saki's father wanted to protect his store.

    Then Frappi popped out and said it was important to guard one's home. Choppi came out and said that their home had been taken over by Akudaikaan and the Dark Fall. Frappi and Choppi said that they wanted to go home. Mai and Saki wanted to help them, but they didn't know how.

    Then Frappi told them a little more about their homeland. Queen Fiilia had hidden the taiyou no izumi (spring of the sun), which was the last spring left. They had to protect that spring at all costs, while trying to recover the six springs that had been taken.

    Saki and Mai asked how they can help, and Frappi said that the PreCure and the fairies had to combine their powers. Saki was still unsure of herself, but she said she would try her best.

    Then Karehaan appeared, riding a large wave in the lake. He said that this would be their last meeting, and called the monster.

    Saki and Mai transformed. They fought on the water but it was too difficult, so they went to an island to fight. Eventually they defeated the monster, and a yellow ball appeared.

    Then Karehaan went off.

    Saki and Mai went to check up on Mai's father and Minori, who had been knocked unconscious.

    On the way home, Minori had fallen asleep in the car.

    When they got to home, Saki rushed back to the house to get her father. As she looked inside, she saw her parents talking to two guys in suits. They were trying to talk her father into working for them. But Saki's father refused them, and said that he wanted to stay at his store.

    Saki overheard the conversation, and finally realized that her parents were great too.

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